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The Real Googas, Zabloing, Gondal and Demoflop set sail towards the Googas Fort at midnight, december 20th 2020. They use a stolen submarine to avoid detection by the long-range missiles surrounding the fort. After setting foot on the island they dig a path below the walls, ending up inside the town. They then head towards Googas's castle before finding the gate's closed. Fortunately they have explosives with them so they're able to blow a hole through the wall, however now they've alerted everyone in the fort to their prescense.

The Battle[]

They rush towards the second floor of Googas's castle before any guards come. The Demoflop lays sticky bombs next to the stairs and takes out 3 guards. Gondal and Zabloing take out another 2. The Real Googas goes up to the top floor while the others are defending the second one, however he discovers that Googas has locked his room. Googas was playing CyberFlop 2077 when they arrived and is still getting dressed for battle, so the Real Googas will have to wait a bit.

Meanwhile on the second floor the stairs have collapsed due to the Demoflop's explosive weapons and now no guards can get up to the second floor but the rest of the group can't go up to help the Real Googas either.

Googas unlocks the door, equipped for battle. The Real Googas had no idea Googas was this well equipped, and he is immediatly shot to death. Googas then jumps down the broken stairs, reaching the second floor. Googas charges towards Zabloing while being shot by all 3 remaining attackers. He knocks Zabloing down to the first floor and throws a grenade at him before he can get up. Demoflop and Gondal fled using after seeing this and Googas chased them. Googas shoots Gondal down and almost kills Demoflop, but a stickybomb blows Googas's legs off before he can do so. Demoflop runs towards the submarine and heads back to the UF.


Googas lies on the street outside his castle, he has only a couple of hours left before the blood loss kills him. During these hours Googas reflects on his life, questioning whether or not Zabloing was really that bad and if stealing the name Googas from someone else was really the right thing to do. He also ponders about the afterlife, asking whether or not Floppus is happy with his actions.

After the operation ended Walter was seen dragging the corpses of Gondal and Zabloing. It is unknown what happened to them.

Demoflop is the only one known to survive the incident.