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His last tweet

On December 24th, 2019, Big Floppa was found dead in a drive-by shooting somewhere on 63rd Street. He died from 16 gunshot wounds. The investigation on his death concluded on December 25, 2020. The perpetrator remains unknown.

Photos and witness evidence suggests that the shooters were in Lime Green Audi, Chrome BMW, and Gold Jaguar F-Type with the license plate half covered. The car also had 70% tinted windows, including the front.

The Shooters car (Jaguar F-Type) had speakers planted inside the rear seats. With the speakers, police were able to hear them bumping FLOP FO NO HOE for miles, though the sound and the perpetrators were eventually lost.

It is rumored by some that Big Floppa survived the drive-by, but nothing has been confirmed.


Lil Floppa[]

Floppa is a suspect because in Big Floppa's will, it states that once he dies, the Floppa Clan would be handed over to Lil Floppa. In Big Floppa's last tweet, he states he's "with his boys". This implies there were multiple people in the car. It is said that Lil Floppa was in the car, and killed Big Floppa to get the clan, however, due to Lil Floppa's size, it would have been impossible to even carry a gun, and plus, the other people in the car would have noticed Lil Floppa killing him.

Raymond Floppa[]

Raymond Floppa is a suspect because he was (rightfully) bullied by Big Floppa as a child and has publicly announced his hatred of Big Floppa on various social media sites. The day after the murder he sent a tweet stating "Big Floppa had it coming".


While it is impossible for Bingus to have directly murdered Floppa due to Bingus living in a completely different country it has been speculated that he may have ordered an assassin to kill Floppa. Floppa was an outspoken critic of Bingus' regime, especially his persecution of non-binguses. Bingus has yet to respond to any of these allegations.

Crip Floppa and/or his Gang[]

Greg Flop, the investigator of the case believed it were FCG mercenaries after Operation No Crips took place. According to Justin, Big Floppa's brother: one of shooters said ''GLORY TO C-'' before almost losing balance and dying. People also rumored that the drive-by shooting was just the first phase of their attack after announcing they were planning on an attack towards Floppa Clan. On the other hand Crip Floppa publically announced they phased out the plan.

After the announcement Mad Drip Floppa announced he will be re-attacking Floppa Crips Gang because he believed that FCG was lying about phasing out the plan

Some also speculate that Crip Floppa may have done it himself, although there's no proof Crip Floppa was in detroit at the time of the shooting.

Troll Floppa[]

Troll Floppa made an album called "Death By A Troll" and later made a single called "Floppa Catch The Choppa" where he disses Big Floppa multiple times and claimed that he had "rolled through your block gave your homies this glock". After "Floppa Catch The Choppa" released Big Floppa took to instagram to diss Troll Floppa and say that "he wont spin for his gang", three weeks after these claims Big Floppa was found dead. Although Troll Floppa was never investigated because he lives in California and the police claimed there wasn't enough evidence. Troll Floppa never spoke on the matter of Big Floppas death and won't have the chance to, since, in the eyes of the government, he passed away from suicide.

Choppa Floppa[]

One of the biggest suspects was Choppa Floppa. Choppa Floppa is a famous rapper who isn't scared to rap about killing his enemies and whos he has already killed, in 2018 he was on trial for a triple homicide and possession of illegal guns and ammunition. However he beat the case and was put on 4 month house arrest. he is a prime suspect because of his lyrics, example; "He ain’t even gotta say what it is Wherever he is, he better pray where he is, Better have a pillow and duvet where he is" claiming he will put him to bed and also lyrics such as "he might be the Big Floppa But mans nows how i up my chopper, even if you bang wit him my 90's boys will make him hang where he is". in a genius interview for his hit song "Armed & Dangerous" he says "my lyrics are simple... if you hang wit dat Floppa i will kill you...either me or my boys will roll through" Choppa Floppa also claims that he and Troll Floppa have killed many people in the streets and that he should've "lost that trial for triple homicide". However he wasnt a suspect during the investigation but a suspect after the investigation was closed. The Big Floppa case will be reopening in February 2021 and Choppa Floppa is a prime suspect.

SuWu Floppa[]

SuWu Floppa was suspected of hiring hitmen to take out Big Floppa because of his relationship with Choppa Floppa

Captain Alex[]

The rapper got into a heated argument with Captain Alex and the notorious Tiger Mafia back in 2017. Alex may be dead now but there's a possibility that his dying wish may have been for Big Floppa to bite the dust.

UPDATE: It turns out Captain Alex had made amends with Big Floppa and no reason was found for Captain Alex to have been against Big Floppa.

Tiger Mafia[]

It is believed that Choppa Floppa, Big Floppa's rival, was affiliated with the gang, Tiger Mafia. It is suspected that their leader SuWu Floppa, who is belived to be a very close friend of Choppa Floppa, ordered one of his gang members to kill Big Floppa.

Sus Bingus[]

Some believed that Bingus used Sus Bingus to kill Big Floppa. This claim is denied by Bingus as he has shown pictures of Sus Bingus secured in containment when the incident happened.

Big Floppa[]

Some have speculated that Big Floppa may have committed suicide to avoid torture by Bingus, and framed it as a murder so his legacy lives on in a positive light. The primary evidence backing this theory is the war between Big Floppa and Bingus. Big Floppa knew that he didn't have much time before Bingus ended up capturing him and they would try to obtain crucial information about the Floppa Clan. He was growing old, and he was sure he was not going to be able to withstand Bingus' torture methods very long; this would surely mean the downfall of the clan and his son, Lil Floppa. The only option left was to get the gang to frame it as a murder, and his clan executed him on his own will. This is a passable theory, but the Floppa Clan would never admit that Big Floppa would end his own life to avoid the torture; he wouldn't want the world to see him as a failure. The only way to reach this verdict is through the Floppa Clan admitted they did it, or Bingus admitted he had plans to torture him which would help solidify this theory.


Micheal is believed to have killed Big Floppa, however the theory was unlikely due to his support of Floppaeda, which supports Big Floppa himself. The theory was brought up by multiple other Soggastani News sources, saying that he has killed Big Floppa with his "friends" in United Flops. However the evidence made it more unlikely.

The theory was proven false upon Alexei's discovery that it was Bobba. Soggastan has pardoned Miguel on the topic of killing Big Floppa, however there are still many crimes he has commited.


Some think a bobcat named Bobba might have been the killer due to several reasons such as him disliking Floppa, having ties to Bingustan, and the fact that a gun was found in his car. The presence of the gun led many people such as Trans Floppa accusing Bobba of killing Big Floppa but it was ultimately denied by the court due to many other cars near the crime scene having guns.

Bobba was later arrested for drug dealing and he committed suicide in prison with no one knowing whether he actually killed BIg Floppa or not.

Grotesque Floppa[]

After a brief war between the Floppa Clan drug cartel and Grotesque Floppa's cartel, Big Floppa won the war with superior firepower. Not so long after that, Big Floppa died which made Grotesque Floppa a suspect. Grotesque Floppa was the only one to die from Floppa Clan actions, even though he was not the one who killed Big Floppa.

Dream Floppa[]

Dream Floppa is a dream that affects 65% of all Floppas. This dream has persisted since 1976. This dream depicts a cat resembling Big Floppa walking up and down a road in Detroit, possible foreshadowing Big Floppas Death.

For more information see Dream Floppa.