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Crip Zabloing was born in 1990 and is a member of the floppa crips gang, he is the leader of the military branch and despite being a member of a gang that is enemies with the floppa clan, he is good friends with Big Floppa, however he died in 2017 when he was killed by the trollge.

Early Life[]

Crip Zabloing was born in 1990 in alaska, UFA, he mainly grew up watching floppey toons and flopperman, however at the age of 12 his parents were killed in a robbery, and the robber was about to kill him, but he managed to grab a crowbar in his mother's purse and he swung it at the robber, it hit his head so hard that he instantly died.

When he was 21, he was invited to the floppa crips gang by crip floppa, he accepted and he was put as the general of the military branch.

Military Life[]

He spent most of his life making music and being the general for the military branch of the floppa crips gang, he made songs such as:

  1. remembrance
  2. sadness
  3. tranquility
  4. life
  5. death

These were mostly lofi songs.

Near Death[]

While he was flying his FLOPPAIR-17, weird electric-jam missle that was hit under the plane. His systems was jammed, and while he was trying to fix navigation, this happend.

Crip Zabloing - CZ

P-Pilot (possibly floppa clan)

M- Machine gun operator

D- Dispatch

C: Shit, shit shit! -pressing triggers on navigator- -snapping sound-

C: Huh, rebooting doesn't works! Shit shit shit! Gonna do full system reboot.. Shit

D: You having troubles, i could help you rebooting system. Im sending you info.

C: Yes, got info. Still doesnt work!


D: Missle?

C: Jamming missle more likely.. You hear me? hear Shit? Shit. He jammed it..

M: Haha, got him!

C: Shit..

P: Ready to engage! -aligns-

Machine gun operator proceeds to shot him 3 times in glass.

C: Getting dooown!

He crashed into island but he got out and survied.


Crip Zabloing died in 2017 when exiting the airforce base in the night, he saw a white face in the distance that was getting closer, he tried to run fast but he couldnt, and he couldnt unlock the gate, the trollge later killed him and fled the airforce base, Crip Floppa found him in the airforce base, he buried him in their graveyard, he was even seen crying once, he then put posters of Crip Zabloing in every area of the airforce base in memory of crip zabloing.


Big Floppa

Crip Floppa




Collabing with Sleepy Shloopa[]

On october 29th, 2013, Crip Zabloing collabed with Sleepy Shloopa to make a song called "the five stages of grief", it is not part of any album though, and you have to get it through tetflop, but it is very rare and most copies sold on tetflop are fake, and real ones are very rare, however, thanks to floptube, you can listen to the song there, he collabed wtih Sleepy Shloopa to make some more music until 2017 when crip zabloing died.