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Jeffery Caracal (born August 14, 1991), known professionally as Crip Floppa, was a Miami rapper who was known for his singles "Flop Out Pt. 2" and "Mad Mad Drip (Featuring NLE Glopnar)". He was also the leader of the Floppa Crips Gang, which aimed to sabotage whatever the Floppa Clan is currently trying to accomplish.


Jeffery started his career by releasing his first single "Flop W/ Me", which he uploaded to SoundCloud in August of 2016. He was left unnoticed while he kept uploading new songs to it such as "Flop Ride" and "Hehe" which both gained moderate success years later on TikTok. In December 2018, after moving to Miami, Florida, he recorded and released his first studio album "Bloo Jit (Featuring Crip Soggnar)" which recieved glowing reviews from underground music critics, leading to a sizable fanbase. He then dropped the controversial mixtape "Tha Flopper" which lead to him being viewed as much more polarizing. The critical reaction was soggy and many groups spoke out such as B.M.R.M. (Bingus Music Review Magazine) describing it as "mumbly drivel over the same 2 beats for a whole album" and Z.R.T. (Zabloing Rap Times) calling it "the least innovative album of the decade." Despite this there are numerous people still defending him and continuing to listen, usually between the ages of 13-16.

Rivalry with Big Floppa

Crip Floppa has had an intense hatred for Big Floppa since even before he began his career as a rapper, what exactly this hatred derives from has never been eleborated on by him. He's repeatedly called Big Floppa 'a weak ass mofo' and 'stupid brown shit' in interviews. His second album, "Tha Flopper" had a diss track on Big Floppa titled "Smal Floppa", the song contains the line "i stole yo bitchass hoe". This sparked rumors that Crip Floppa may have hooked up with (or kidnapped) Floppa's Hoe. Crip has not confirmed or denied these rumors. Big Floppa has never officially responded to anything said by Crip but during the investigation on his death it was discovered that the second album he was working on was going to contain a diss track on Crip.

Sogga Shootings and Controversy

Jeffery has made numerous references in his music to his burning hatred for Soggas, however he never acted upon his emotions until the night of July 14, 2019, where he shot and killed 3 innocent Soggas at a house party in a Miami suburb. Some fans were outraged, however most had the same hatred he did and celebrated. The world at large has been trying to cancel him for quite some time but nothing has seemed to stop him.

Attack by Floppa Clan

On November 27th Floppa Crips Gang was attacked by Floppa Clan by Big Floppa. He presumably by investigators killed Big Floppa in response, though that was proven false with Bobba being proven guilty, in the attack he managed to get to his safe haven, Fort Crip Floppa. He is the one responsible for Lil Floppa's death.


On march 23rd, Jeffrey who was presumably injured by bombing routines on the Floppa Crips Gang capital was found by Floomp, the commander of the third army. he was brought into Floppa Clan captivity where he himself admitted that he has killed Lil' Floppa in an attempt to stop the caracal family from suceeding further.

He was executed the next day by bullet in the head. His body was burned while a celebration in the Floppa Clan HQ was happening. Crip Floppa was finally dead and he no longer posed any threat to the Caracal family.