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Cogga is the ruler of the Cogga Gang, a massive criminal organization in the U.S, he is a sworn enemy of Big Floppa, Sogga, Crip Floppa, Choppa Floppa, Troll Floppa and Black Floppa. His gang controls the entire city of Las Floppas, which is Cogga's current residence and he is currently trying to expand his holdings into Detroit, Los Angeles and Miami.

In addition to being a crime boss he is also a rapper, although his music has not seen much chart success. Many think this is one of the reasons he doesn't like most floppas.

Early Life[]

Cogga was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. His dad was the previous ruler of the Cogga gang, and raised him to be strong, and ruthless. Whenever a kid picked on him in school he'd violently retaliate, often resulting in him seriously injuring his classmates.

As Boss of the Cogga gang[]

Cogga inherited his dad's gang in 1994, and began expanding it by recruiting wild Cougars. He used his new recruits to take over SLC and use it as his base of operations. His gang continued to grow and in 2004 he took over Las Floppas, and made it the new capital.

In 2011 his gang invaded miami however the Floppa Clan and Floppa Crips Gang temporarily teamed up to defeat Cogga's goons. Cogga was outraged at his gang's failure to conquer Miami and blamed it on his second-in-command, Plinknar. Cogga had Plinknar covered in pitch, lit on fire and thrown into the grand canyon as punishment. Rumors of his survival persist however, much to the annoyance of Cogga. Plinknar was replaced by Gougar, who was one of Cogga's best soldiers.