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"Eat shit. Do shit. Think shit. Simple as."
Davis Killington

Davis Killington professionally known as his rapper name "Choppa Floppa" is a famous rapper known for his album "Choppas Message" which includes songs

"click clack"


"C.H.O.P.P.A (feat. Troll Floppa)"


"blue bangerrett"

"killer and addict"

"How do you want it"

"Find Him"

"Armed & Dangerous"

"Floppas Story"

"Seen It Coming"

Choppa Floppa is also known for being affiliated with


Rolling 90's Floppa

Westside Woo's

Background and Career[]

Davis grew up in Vernon, British Colombia, Canada, and later moved to Los Angeles in 2015 to pursue his dream of becoming a rapper. However his rap career wasn't working so well so he decided to take a break from rapping in 2016. He moved to California and became affiliated with the "Rolling 90's Floppa". Two months after joining the Rolling 90's Floppa he met 16 year old Troll Floppa who at the time was an up and coming rapper, when they first met Davis pulled a Ak-74 (better known as a choppa) on Troll Floppa because he thought Troll Floppa was from a different gang. Shortly after the mistake Troll Floppa was refering to Davis as "Choppa Floppa" Davis apologized and asked if he was the new rapper Troll Floppa, Troll floppa responded by taking him to his studio and showing him his unreleased upcoming album "Death By A Troll". Davis was surprised at the talent of Troll Floppa and asked if he could hop on the album as he once was a rapper too, Troll Floppa let him sample a song and to Troll Floppas surprise Davis was actually pretty good so Troll Floppa put him on 3 songs one of those songs being with rapper "Bingus".

Before the album "Death By A Troll" released in 2018 Davis was on trial for a triple homicide and illegal weapons possession, he beat the murder case but had to go on house arrest for 4 months for possessing illegal weapons and ammunition starting 2017 October 1st. 13 days after Davis's house arrest was lifted "Death By A Troll" was released featuring 3 songs with Choppa Floppa, Davis's new stage name. Choppa Floppa became a hot topic over the next few months for his rap skills and his famous lyrics on the song "808 goes bang" the lyrics are as states "He ain’t even gotta say what it is Wherever he is, he better pray where he is, Better have a pillow and duvet where he is". After the album Troll Floppa had released, Choppa Floppa released his own album called "Choppas Message" in late 2018 where he dissed rapper Big Floppa and anyone that associates with Big Floppa, in the lyrics "he might be the Big Floppa But mans nows how i up my chopper, even if you bang wit him my 90's boys will make him hang where he is". In an interview with Genius Lyrics he described that his lyrics were meant to be clear, he stated "my lyrics are simple... if you hang wit dat Floppa i will kill you...either me or my boys will roll through". Choppa Floppa also claims that he and Troll Floppa have killed many people in the streets and that he should've "lost that trial for triple homicide".

In 2019 he released 3 different singles titled "1", "2" , and "BANG", and later in November 2019 he released a full album titled "Moving Target 1" where he once again dissed Big Floppa and also disses "Sogga" claiming that "he had a brand new ting for there crew, Sogga gonna catch it brand new". 1 month later Troll Floppa had released a single titled "Floppa Catch The Choppa" which featured Choppa Floppa and lyrics such as "rolled through your block gave your homies this glock". After Big Floppas death in December 2019 Choppa Floppa took to instagram to say that he had nothing to do with it and he will not be involved in it.

After these events Choppa Floppa dropped a single called "Had To Happen" and said he would be releasing one more album and then retiring. Shortly after Troll Floppa passed away Choppa Floppa released his final album titled "Legend Status", Choppa Floppa claims that the album is dedicated to Troll Floppa and Troll Floppas "Legend Status" and that the album was already made before his death. 1 month after the album released he released a deluxe version of "Legend Status" which included two new unreleased Troll Floppa songs titled "we miss you" and "streets". Shortly after he retired from making music and left the Rolling 90's Floppas.

Choppa Floppa is currently an assistant leader of the Floppa Congress.


Choppa Floppa retired in October 2020 after releasing 3 albums and 3 singles, with a net worth of 36 million.

In November he adopted a child and moved back to Canada but was arrested for trying to bring illegal weapons across the border and is currently on house arrest in his California home and is scheduled for a court hearing on January 2nd 2021. Choppa Floppa has since been released on bail on February 10 2021.

Rap Influence[]

Choppa Floppa has influenced the rap game in more then one way.

He brought back "street rap" and made it common to rap about killing and murder again. He owns his own record label known as "CFM" (Crip Floppa Music) and has signed 2 artists.

he introduced the rap game to a sound known as UK Drill, which then kickstarted Chief Keef and Pop Smokes career.

He has given a total of 2 million dollars to black familys in need and upcoming rappers.