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Chinp Floppa was born in the Floppersian Empire where he moved out at the age of 43.



Shortly after migrating to Flopitaly he was found dead. On site Maurice was riddled with bullet holes. According to Alexei N. Floppa who was head of forensics, this was fake news planted by FNN. The real cause of death was revealed to be ISIS implanted nano bots which killed him. It is suspected that he was killed by Bingus. Maurice was buried at the age of 43. May maurice rest up as a fallen soldier.


Chinp Floppa, was he a criminal?

This question is asked by many but answered simply, NO. He was a revolutionist, fought for what he believed was right (freedom) and it's said that his life was cut way too soon. He fought for freedom and fell in the battle. We will remember him forever.

He was a warrior and a hero, going where no Floppa would dare to go.