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Chegg is Big Floppa's firstborn child, not much is known about him aside from the fact that Floppa deemed him unfit to rule the Floppa Clan. Because of this he had another child, Lil Floppa who became Floppa's true successor. Even after being told to be unworthy of ruling the Floppa Clan by his father, he eventually became what Floppians like to call the "Kingflop" of the Floppa Clan after Lil Floppa's death. Chegg acts anonymously, sending his close friends to represent him at meetings and never talking to the public in person . His whereabouts are currently unknown to protect him and he was last seen November 25th mourning his brother Lil Floppa's death despite him being believed to hate his brother. The Floppa Clan is currently in position to make Chegg the ruler of Floppa Clan as it desperately needs an heir. This is unconfirmed.

Sightings of Chegg[]

As of the 30th of January, there have been sightings of a caracal with a brown hat in areas around Floppeurope. One man reported seeing it in Flopvakia, while another reported seeing it in Sogland minutes later. The descriptions that these anonymous sources gave were very similar: a caracal with a brown hat. It is speculated that Chegg's absence may have been a period for him to learn an advanced and fast method of transportation across Floppeurope, and that he may be gathering weapons and allies to raid Bingustan. We have asked Chegg's acquantances, like 3.135kg Floppa, but they have refused to mention Chegg's wherabouts. The reason behind these raiding plans might be that Chegg knows who murdered Big Floppa and Lil Floppa, and that they are hiding around Bingustan. People theorized to these reports that Chegg is starting a new life and travelling through Floppeurope as the two sightings were reported in Flopra Mountains in Flopvakia and Sogland. More research is necessary this is all true

Musical career[]

Chegg, as the son of the famous rapper Big Floppa, has released a few songs, although most of it are terrible.


  • Midnight Diarrhea
  • Being Homeless
  • Flop Fo All Hoes
  • Time To Fuck Off


  • I Want To Fuck, consisting of four tracks: I Want To Fuck Bingus, I Want To Fuck Bongus, I Want To Fuck Bulgus, and I Want To Fuck Lil Floppa. It is his most famous masterpiece.
  • Floppa Crips on the Streetsbased tillI die
  • Based

Warp Drive Technology[]