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Cheemsrabia, a Cavern in the deep inner layers of Flerth, is a place that can only be accessed by going through Cheems Gate. And many people that go through sadly never get out.

History of 'The Gate'[]

Cheemsrabia was originally found by Harding Glopnar at the age of 10, the gate for it looked very scary, so fortunately he did not go through. Much later in 2001, Lemonad found it again and decided to go through, after around 5 hours of travelling he found the gate once again and went back to the surface, unfortunately he forgot to close it, and now Cheem Lobsters roam the surface and are served at 100 flops as exotic food, rendering they're lively status as 'Endangered'. Only 5 years later Justin would go through the gate, and unlike the previous gate finders, they would pay the ultimate price by having the gate close on him right after going through...

New life theory[]

There is a theory that goes around stating that if you stay in the realm for long enough, you yourself will evolve into a Cheem, assuming that you try to survive off of the plants and food that circulate around Cheemsrabia. This theory has not been proven yet, due to no real evidence being shown, it is still a possibility on the other hand.

Accessing Cheems Gate[]

It is said that the portal that goes to Cheemsrabia is hidden in an unknown cave, and is theorized that Cheem Lobsters are powerful enough to cross the gate without any restrictions. It is said that you can go in and out of Cheems Gate because the portal that allows you to opens and closes every 10 hours, allowing tourists to get some pretty good views of the place.