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Cheem Lobsters, also known as 'Cheemodus Nephropidae' are a Highly Intelligent Species of Wildlife that can be found all over Flerth.


Here is the full in depth history of these Creatures:

- 1990 -[]

Cheem Lobsters were first discovered in 1990 after a Flood of Cheem Like Lobsters came flooding in through places all over Flerth.

- 1995 -[]

In 1995, it was discovered that the creatures originated from the underworld dimension "Cheemsrabia".

- 2010 -[]

Some time later, New Scientist 'Bella' estimated in 2010 that the population of these creatures were around 1 Trillion, dwarfing the rest of the inhabitants population..

- 2012 to 2015 -[]

Soon in 2012 it was discovered that you could eat these creatures with no problem by simply microwaving them, and in 2013 and onwards, they were served as a Natural Exotic Food, being served in 90% of all restaurants by 2015.

- 2030 -[]

A while later, Cheem Lobsters would fire back in 2030 by using they're giant claws to attack humans, buildings, high tech gadgets, and more. During the wars that were going on around that time, lots of Cheem Lobsters were responsible for taking down extremely powerful weaponry, and even learning how to swim in order to take down Submarines, and to this day you can find un-moderated cities LITTERED with claw marks and scratches due to these things.

- 2035 -[]

2035 arrives, and more info on these creatures would be revealed about these creatures, due to they're human like behavior, it was determined that these creatures had an IQ of 110, it was also revealed that these things had the ability to Camouflage, Glow in the dark at will, and Manipulate they're heat signals. It was also revealed that 80% of the attacking lobsters were Blood Red, meaning that they were MUCH bigger and stronger than they're smaller counterparts.

- 2042 -[]

The War of Ownership begins.

- 2046 -[]

1 Month before Lemonad's Death, he would bring out some ground breaking evidence that Cheem Lobsters can get out of Cheemsrabia at will by going through Cheems gate, he also revealed that they are the only inhabitant of Cheemsrabia which could do so. This was backed up with multiple tapes from when Lemonad was in the place.

- 2070 (Present) -[]

In 2070, it was estimated that 45% (450 Billion) of Cheem Lobsters have been killed off due to them being wildly served by Food Chains all over Flerth.

- 2300 (Projected to Happen) -[]

Cheem Lobsters go extinct after i unleash 50 million gallons of piss into the ocean

Multiple Breeds[]

Cheem Lobsters have multiple breeds, colors, and more! Any other color then Red, however, is REALLY REALLY rare. So the odds of you coming accross some of these breeds are EXTREMELY RARE. Here is the odds of some of these breeds:

  • Bright Red - 9 out of 10 Times
  • Blood Red - 1 out of 10 Times
  • Blood Red & Bright Red Mix - 1 out of 50,000 Times
  • Blue - 1 out of a Million Times
  • Green - 1 out of a Billion Times
  • Blue & Green Mix - 1 out of 50 Billion Times
  • (Possible) Yellow - 1 out of a Trillion

As you can see, a whole bunch of these breeds are VERY VERY rare, going from 1 in Millions to even Trillions!

"War" of Ownership[]

In 2042, The War of Ownership began, some even call this The War of the Lobsters. This War had 3 Teams, those being the following:

Team 1 - Lobster Killers

Team 2 - Lobster Savers

Team 3 - Lobster

On Team 1 you got Lobster Killers, these guys wanted The Lobsters dead so they could eat them, claiming them to be 'Tender'

On Team 2 you got Lobster Savers, these guys wanted The Lobsters to stay alive and Co-Exist with the rest of the population, breeding them to create lobster babies

And Finally on Team 3 you have Lobster Tamers, these guys wanted to keep Cheem Lobsters as Pets, nothing else to say.

Destruction of the War[]

The War caused a lot of destruction from Angry Protesters trying to get they're point through.

This War was especially destructive due to the fact that this was going on through most, if not all countries! A lot of innocent people were hurt due to this, and lots of buildings were shat on due it, but nothing to major came out of these Wars, also due to around 75% of all Protesters being 14 year old Twitter Dream Stans, they really didn't have the budget and definitely the guts to make some super high tech Nuke bomb Tank Helicopter or whatever. Not the Most Powerful War, but definitely a very active and destructive war, causing around 10 - 65 Million Flops in damage to property, and other citizens.

End of the War[]

Each and every Team fought long and hard, each being extremely centered to what they believed in, even using violence against other Teams in order to prove they are in the wrong. But in the end, it kinda faded out into obscurity, and by 2060, the War was deemed to be a lost cause.

Although there was no True Winner, we can get a pretty good guess as to which did the best

"Winner" of the Battle - Tie Between Team 1 and Team 2

Least impactful Team - Team 3

The End Result of this War was pretty much split between the teams, Team 1 was allowed to eat as many Cheem Lobsters as they wanted to, Team 2 was allowed to breed The Cheem Lobsters, and Team 3 was allowed to keep them as Pets. But all of these Teams were assigned with 1 thing, to never start another War due to the mass amount of damage The Ownership War already did. 98% of people amongst the Teams agreed to it, and the other 2% went to Jail.

Super-Natural Abilities[]

Cheem Lobsters have some sets of powers and traits they can use to attack you, mainly Blue / Green ones have the strongest powers.

GATE KEEPING - Cheem Lobsters all have a way too summon cheems gates to get back to they're beloved home Cheemsrabia. Because of this in danger they can really be cowards when it comes to actually fighting they're enemies, if they are low on stamina and or tired out the cannot use it for some time.

EXTREME SPEED - Cheem Lobsters are very agile and fast, when they normally travel they can run at 30 mph in the span of 5 seconds, however, when they are in danger they can crank up they're speed to 80 mph, thats faster then alot of cars!

PINCING POWER - Cheem Lobsters have extremely strong claws and pincers, Normal Cheem Lobsters can break bones using them, while Blood Red Cheem Lobsters, a breed that is MUCH larger then Normal Cheem Lobsters can tear entire limbs off. Once an unfortunate soul had the misfortune of getting they're balls clamped by Cheem Lobster, to this day he never got his nuts and barries back...

Breed Only Abilities[]

SUPER-RADIOACTIVE-STARCHEEMOS-HYPER-PLASMA-RAY (SRSHPR) [BLUE ONLY] - Blue Cheem Lobsters have the ability to this ray, it comes from a Hyper Pulsating Substance that can be found only in Cheemsrabia. This Photon Powered Ray only lasts for about a half a second, but can cut even Diamond right in half.

HIT AND RUN CLAW CLAMP [GREEN ONLY] - Green Cheem Lobsters have the ability to lunge themselves forward and attack you, this lunge can fling the lobster at under 100 mph, for some reason Green Cheem Lobsters do this to just about everyone because they think it is funny, truly a despicable breed!