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Bungness is the former wife of Vladimir Bingus and the mother of Bongus. Bungness married with Bingus after meeting each other in the streets of New Rinkus, and spiraled out of control when Bingus was arrested in 2006. Bungness died in Flopperinburg after being exiled there and dying of her addiction of drugs.


Bungness was born in New Rinkus in 1987. She was born into a Zabloingian poor family that moved to New Rinkus looking for a better life than in Zabloing. Bungness struggled to survive, with her having to rely on 100 Zabloingian Flopnia (the currency of the ROZ) for each purchase. She met Bingus in 2002 and Bungness became dependant on Bingus, taking a few of his cash with his approval. She had SEX with Bingus in 2003 and gave birth to Bongus in 2004. However after Bingus got arrested in 2006, Bungness went into a drug addiction.

She started neglecting Bongus, leaving the 2-year old attempt to survive himself. Upon the founding of Bingustan, Bungness tried to get to the border where a wall was being constructed as fast as possible before the construction was complete. Upon arriving to Sphynxopolis, Bingus was disgusted at her neglect of Bongus so he took full custody of Bongus and exiled Bungness to Flopperinburg.