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Bougar is the brother of Floppus, as well as his arch-enemy. Both Bougar and Floppus were Children of the First Flop. Unlike his brother, Bougar is a militarist and envious god, as he was created as an equal counterpart to Floppus by the First Flop. He was the leader of the First Flop's army during the early times of the Floppaverse. Bougar had jealousy towards his brother since Floppus got more attention than him. In the end, Bougar was imprisoned in the Realm of the Death, becoming its ruler, the leader of dead spirits.

The Fight Between Gods - War of the Gods[]

Important to remember that The Fight Between Gods refers to the fight between Floppus and Bougar. The War of the Gods refers to the all-out war between all the gods.

The Fight Between Gods occurred during a power struggle between the gods to take upon the First Flop's throne. Floppus and Bougar were the strongest of all, and they fought to be the successor of their creator. Floppus claimed that Bougar killed the First Flop for his own benefit, but Bougar said Floppus murdered the First Flop sometimes earlier. The battle then commenced with other gods fighting while spectating.

At first, Bougar gained the upper hand. Eventually, Bougar was kicked in the butt, and Floppus transported him to the Realm of the Death as a punishment. Floppus, who honoured his creator, didn't take the throne and let the power vacuum went on. Since then, no one has ever tried or even thought about claiming the First Flop's throne, and other gods out there started to build their own empires or decided to become mortals.