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Bongus was the son of Bingus and Bungness, he was the second-in-command of Bingustan up until the 2024 Bingustan Coup.

Early Life[]

Bongus was born in 2004, shortly after Bingus got married to Bungness. He lived with Bungness in New Rinkus after Bingus' arrest in 2006. He was severely neglected by his mom who only gave him the bare minimum needed to survive because she wanted to buy more dumplings. When news of Bingustan's founding reached his mom she traveled there with Bongus, only to find that Bingus was absolutely disgusted with her treatment of Bongus. After this Bingus himself took care of Bongus, teaching him about politics and economics.

As Second in Command[]

Despite Bongus' rather low IQ, Bingus insisted that his son had to be the second in command. Most of the time Bongus just did whatever Bingus told him to do, however sometimes he would intervene with the Army too, forcing them to take different strategies and such. This usually had disastrous results. One notable disaster he indirectly caused was the siege of Bingurg, where he ordered reinforcements to go towards Bungbung rather than Bingurg, insisting that Soggaporean troops were gonna attack Bungbung and that Bingurg falling wouldn't change anything, despite Bingurg being an economical heartland of Bingustan. The Soggaporeans never attacked Bungbung and after sacking Bingurg they moved straight into the almost undefended central Bingustan. By the time Bongus realized what happened they had already taken another major city. Bingus himself had to intervene to make sure the Soggaporeans wouldn't be able to just march towards the capital. Despite this incident Bingus still kept Bongus as second in command, much to the disgruntlement of his generals.


After Joseph Balin's coup, Bongus was exiled from Bingustan along with Bingus and other high ranking loyalists. He now lived near Mt. Googas, one of the areas ceded from Bingustan to Floppaslavia in the Treaty of Flopscow. He is the host of the Bingustani Loyalist Radio, which has actually been blacklisted from all post-coup manufactured radios but he doesn't know this.

On Twitch and other social media platforms he is a hated person by all countries expect of the Bingustan. Also, after Bingus died, Bongus became highly inactive, rarely going outside due to his grief. Shortly after, he met a woman called Yelena Bingus, who Bongus started dating with. He had SEX with her a while after, with Wrinkus being born.

Yelena died in 2030, when a former Bingustani Raid Group member killed her using poison. In 2053, long after he retired his job.

Attempted assassination

In 2053, Gargantious Sloopa attempted to assassinate him, but he escaped before he could be fatally injured.