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Bobba was a Bingustani Fleppa.

Early Life[]

Bobba was born in Bingustan. We don't know his parents but we know that he was brought up by Bingus' father. When he was 11 years he met Googas and they became friends.

Building the ''Googas Fort''[]

Bobba parcipiated in building a safe haven for humans in Canada which he had the idea to call Googas Fort as it was on the same level on the map as Mt. Googas. Due to losing supplies had to go to Sogland for help. In Sogland Bobba almost got killed by a bunch of racist and drunk Floppas for being a Fleppa. Because of this incident he started hating floppas, and was going to the therapy.

Bobba's mental breakdown[]

Bobba ended friendship with googas after an incident in Sogland and became professional hitman. He went back to the UF amd killed a lot of people, including a reviewer for the Bingus Music Review Magazine.

Race with Big Floppa[]

for more info Death of Big Floppa[]

On December 24th, 2019, Big Floppa got in his new car with his friends and wanted to go test how fast it can go. Floppas who where in with him at that time wanted to race with famous rapper. Their cars were Lime Green audi, Chrome BMW, and Gold Jaguar F-Type. Bobba was in another car and participated in the race, presumably hoping to humilate Floppa by beating him. Floppa was shot by one of the racers (possibly Bobba but just as likely someone else) and most of them immedietly drove away from the scene, including Bobba.

His car was later found abandoned in detroit, the presense of a gun in it led to Trans Floppa accusing him of killing Big Floppa and he tried to use that in court. But the court rejected it due to there being plenty of other guns found in the cars of other racers.

Bobba stole the flops of an unknown floppa and began wearing them.


After discovering that he is a serial killer, and killed many people - including a famous music reviewer: Anthony Floptano, the fbi rushed the killer's house. They walked in when he was selling drugs to the medical specialist Morrshal by mail. He killed 4 police officers before getting shot in the leg.


Bobba commited suicide after 38 years in prison, 12 years before he was planned to be released. The suicide note said:

"I am just a killer. I don't have friends or family. My only purpose on this world is to make people's life worse. I was going to die soon anyway."

He was buried in his home town in Bingustan.


Mmmm bobba belly

leaked video of Bobba being tortured in prison