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Bingustralia is a country and continent in the southern hemisphere, it is located just below the Philiflop Sea. It has good terms with United Flops of America and Sogtain despite historic events.

The country is advanced, having the 13th largest economy. Despite almost all of it being desert there are still a few, highly inhabited cities on the east and west coast.

The capital is Sogney.


As is mentioned in the previous section, almost the entire country is desert. On the west, southeast and east coasts there are wetter areas. Most of the population lives on the east coast, with the west one having a few major cities too. Between the coasts is a massive desert, inhabited by Flopmus and the Giant Floppas.

There is a massive highway connecting the east and west coasts, for people without a license to enter the open desert this is the only route between the coasts.

South of the mainland is an island known as Flopmania, it has a simular climate to the east coast.


Binguses first arrived in Bingustralia around 5000 BC, they were isolated from the rest of the world for most of their history.

It was discovered and founded by the Sogtish Empire in 1788, later Bingustralia gained independence in 1825.

During the Flopkish War, a Bingustralian army landed on Sogsun, a part of the Floppotoman Empire. The campaign resulted in a stalemate, with Bingustralian and Sogtish armies remaining in the area. After the Republic of Flopkey signed a peace treaty, the Bingustralian-Sogtish armies left.

In 1932, Bingustralia declared war against Emus ravaging the country, they however had to surrender to the Emus.