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The Bingustani Raid Group or often abbreviated as B.R.G was a group of Bingustani high-ranking espionage agents which have experience with assasination and terrorist attacks. The group was founded by Vladimir Bingus in 2013 when Soggapore declared war on Bingustan and was disbanded by Bingus Yeltsin in 2029.

The group is tasked with assasinations, terrorist attacks and theft towards countries which declared war on Bingustan. The B.R.G are presumably responsible for the 2016 Soggaporean Embassy bombing in Flopscow and the assasination of Soggapore's Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Involvement in First Bingustani Civil War and Disbanding[]

In the First Bingustani Civil War, the B.R.G attacked Anti-Balinist occupied areas under the order of Joseph Balin. Upon the victory of Anti-Balinists, Pro-Balinist members of the B.R.G we're kicked out and executed and replaced with Anti-Balinist ones.

During the Bingustani Civil War, the B.R.G was ordered by the slowly deteoriating communist government to attack Chiflop and Floppa Clan territories. After the democratic government got established, the group was disbanded and the remaining members we're wanted, internationally. The last member was arrested by Chiflopese authorities in 2030.