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The Bingustani Civil War was a short internal conflict in Bingustan that occured in 2027 - 2028. It started when a high ranking propaganda artist questioned Joseph Balin, to which Balin responded by banning all art and artists from the country. Many of Balin's peers had already been alienated by his excessive authoritarianism and they viewed this as a sign that he had finally lost it.

Despite what it may seem like at first glance the anti-Balin party wasn't actually that different in terms of ideology, they just wanted a leader that was less petty and unstable than Balin. Because of this neither side was supported by the allied powers who were also fighting Bingustan at the time.

Balin declared Martial Law on the 20th of December 2027, but not only did unrest continue but Balin started posting nonsensical things on the state-sponsored propaganda TV channels, which led to mass panic and confusion in Sphynxopolis.

Meanwhile the countryside became a refuge for more and more anti-Balinists as his grip was less strong there, however the local rebel leaders were often just as insane as balin, and they ofted ended up infighting.

Nikita Bingus rose to influence amongst the anti-balinists due his willingness to make peace between the various rebel groups in order to focus on Balin. By February 2028 he had consolidated the anti-Balinists into almost a single army, and was on the offensive against Balin. Joseph Balin died on March 2nd 2028 and the "true" Bingustani Army swore allegiance to Nikita a few days after.

Ultimately though his tolerance of different ideologies would be Nikita's downfall, since Balin was gone there was no longer a common enemy. Many Bingustanis wanted a full change in the government, rather than just a different ruler with slightly more liberal views which is essentially what Nikita was, so in December 2029 the Bingustani Revolution happened in a succesful attempt to bring Nikita down.


  • A group named the "Bingujenka" was one of the most popular anti-balinist groups in Bingustan.