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A map of the river

The Bingustan River is a river spanning through Flopsha, Floppaslavia, Bingustan, Soggapore, Sogaing and Thaiflop. It is one of the most used cargo ship trails after the 2029 revolution which brought down the fence built above the river, preventing ships from going in.

Deliveries to Floppaslavia are also possible with the river, mostly used by Scandinavian delivery ships heading to Floppaslavia. It is also used by Soggaporean Navy, as the river runs through most of their military bases.

The river Bingustan as seen in Sphynxopolis


  • The river was the most sucessful way to escape Bingustan, as the river had to run through the border or the country would lose it's source of water.
  • The river runs through Sphynxopolis, Bingustan.