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This is about the communist regime, for the modern-day democratic government, see Bingustan.

Bingustan was under a communist regime between 2010 and 2029, officialy founded by Vladimir Bingus in 2010 and ended by revolution in 2029, when Nikita Bingus was in charge. For the time it was under the communist regime, it was brutal and was at war with almost every one of it's neighbors.


Founding and Early Years (2010-2013)[]

Bingustan was founded by Vladimir Bingus in 2010, when The Red Spring happened. At first, things we're going good, food was much cheaper, the economy was doing well and the population was happy. However, a huge ethnical divide was present, where Soggas we're more dominant. Bingus was not happy with this divide, however he could not do much. That was until, he realized his power. He could do basically whatever he wanted. He got an idea, which he presented to communist party officials Bingufication (read page for details). They widely accepted the idea.

Bingus made Bingufication mandatory for any non-bingus citizen in Bingustan, executing those who refused to be binguficated. Over 26 million people have been killed from the genocide. Many people have also been abused in concetration camps.

The government conctacted multiple propaganda artists to make propaganda, mainly used in state-sponsored TV channels, shops (It was mandatory to put up a poster on the window.) and concetration camps. Bingustan from here was getting downhill.

Wars (2013-2023)[]

On May 6th, 2013, a video of the Floppa and Sogga Genocide was shown to the king of Soggapore, he was outraged and declared war against Bingustan. The Soggaporean attack made a heavy toll on Bingustan's economy.

Not only that, but Soggastan declared war a few months later, Flopsha also invaded around the time that Soggastan invaded. Bingustan's economy was highly worsening, and it was getting worse each hour. Bingustan threw all of it's armies at the invaders, to very few effect.

On November 1st, 2016, Floppaslavia declared war on Bingustan, making the situation war worse. To try and sever the advance, they bombed the Soggaporean embassy in Flopscow. The United Flops also took action, making landings in Bingusburg and other cities, which in Bingusburg escalated into a massacre.

In the 20th of December, the capital, Sphynxopolis was besieged, almost being taken until back-up Bingustani armies repelled their advance. The Bingustani Wars would only temporarily end when the Treaty of Flopscow was signed.

Post-Treaty of Flopscow Life (2023-2024)[]

Upon the declaration of peace by Bingus on November 8th, 2023, the crowd reportedly broke into celebration. Many cities we're in the process of being reconstructed, with the Bingurg Trials taking place in the recently-reconstructed Bingurg. Bingus tried his best to recover the collapsed economy.

He established multiple factories for all sorts of things and tried to save the Bingustani Bing, however, in 2024, all Bingus' attempts to save Bingustan have been brought down by Joseph Balin, who couped the current government. He re-declared war and executed people who we're against his rule.

Back in war and End (2024-2030)[]

Balin's first mistake was declaring the war in the first place, the Bingustani Army was strongly weakened because the best of it's generals have been sent to prison. Bingustan got bombarded easily, and just when it's army got back on it's feet, a large amount of land has been lost already. Also, Bingus has been exiled to Flopperinburg by Balin, a largely unpopular decision.

In 2027, a propaganda artist questioned Balin, which he responded by entirely outlawing art and anything related to it. This made people highly angry, which started unrest which lasted for a year until 2028, when Nikita Bingus took power. Nikita promised reform and an eventual end to the wars, however, all these promises have failed.

The population angeed by the government's incompetence of reforming. In 2029, Martin Bingovich's house was evicted after he insulted the government, which lead to mass protests and then eventually a revolution. The revolution ended in a full overthrow of the government in favour of a western-styled democracy. People loyal to the communist regime attempted a coup, which failed.


Many people claim that life was a bit decent under the communist regime. They had basic but limited acess to food and water, jobs and other rights, however free speech, LGBT and western culture we're banned. The UN tried to get Bingustan to revoke these policies, however they refused. In schools, any country that is an enemy of Bingustan are potrayed as bad.

In concetration camps (where you are most likely to go if you break a law), many are beaten, tortured and shot, even bingufied if the victim is a species other than the Sphynx. People in concetration camps are forced to eat highly limited food and are forced to watch propaganda and work daily. Many have died from these camps.


  • It was illegal to listen to any music that has bad views towards Bingus and Bingustan.
  • Every Bingustani citizen was automatically subscribed to Bingus' youtube channel, which consisted of mainly propaganda.