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This is about the democratic government, for the communist government, see Bingustan (2010-2029).

The Republic of Bingustan (2010-Present), commonly known as Bingustan, is a country located in central Asia. It was founded by Vladimir Bingus who was the country's dictator, however replaced with Bingus Yeltsin in 2029 after a revolution in Sphynxopolis. Bingustan's capital is Sphynxopolis.


Bingustan was not known as 'Bingustan' until 2010, when Vladimir Bingus raised an army and created his own country. The area that the country was build on was a part of Soggastan. It had a mixed population of Soggas and Binguses, as well as a Floppa majority area in the west. Bingus wanted an ethnically united Bingustan so he tried to purge all non-binguses. Bingustan was at war with every neighboring country and was under heavy sanctions by almost every other country. As of 2025, after the death of Bingus 85% of Bingustanis lived in poverty, and that number increased every year until 2029. However, these worrying statistics were heavily censored by the Bingustani government to prevent mass panic.

In 2023 it signed the Treaty of Flopscow which ended the war between Bingustan and its neighbors. However Joseph Balin didn't like that Bingus accepted any form of peace, so he began planning a coup.

In early 2024 Bingustan was taken over by Joseph Balin, who then exiled Bingus and his family and began a new war against Bingustan's neighbors. In 2027 Joseph Balin's mental health began to decline to the point where many in his inner circle were questioning his ability to rule; this began the Bingustani Civil War, which continued until Balin's death.

The Balinists eventually surrendered in 2028 after Balin's death and accepted the rule of Nikita Bingus, the most influential anti-Balinist of the civil war.

In 2029, a mass scale revolution erupted in Sphynxopolis that the Bingustani government could not put down. With the victory of the revolutionaries, the old government was replaced with a Western-style democracy. The travel ban was lifted and the deported people were allowed to return to their native home lands in Bingustan. Yeltsin's government made attempts to de-bingufy the nation.

Following the revolution, a mass-scale economic recession started. The following effects plunged Bingustan into a worse economy, which also was one of the biggest motivators of the attempted coup. These effects still linger in modern-day Bingustan.

In 2034, Nikolai Bobby got elected. A few months later, the Second Bingustani Civil War started which lasted until 2036 when the Pro-Bingus Rebellion was put down. Floppa Clan was revealed to be the orchestrator behind the civil war.

In 2038, the party Bingus Unity was elected and lowered rights for Floppas and Soggas, making them unwelcome in 13% of Bingustan. The party has created multiple statements on the 2 species, saying that "Floppas and Soggas make Bingus civilization worse, eventually leading to it's collapse". There have been no interferences to stop B.U.


Bingustan is mainly consisted of plains, forest and desert. The Mt. Googas mountain range is located in the north, which defines the border. The Bingyar River also defines their border with Soggastan. Bingustan is land-locked.

The tallest peak in Bingustan is Mt. Googas, with the second tallest peak being Mt. Flophasa.


Soggapore (city) was occupying parts of southeastern Bingustan for 7 years but they broke through the Bingustani line of defense by attacking Bingurg, after that they we're advancing deeper into Bingustan every day. Floppaslavia entered the war in 2016, they have occupied parts of western Bingustan and they we're trying to break the heavily fortified Bingus Line which is only 20 kilometers away from the capital. They almost reached Sphynxopolis but we're quickly fended off.

An incident happened in the city Bingusburg where USMC forces stationed there were attacked by Floppaeda terrorists. The USMC, under the direct order of Barack Flobama, accidentally massacred 50 Bingustani citizens, mistaken to be terrorists.

Bingustan was also at war with Soggastan, Soggastan captured the city of Servalibad. There was a ceasefire, but Soggastan has control over Servalibad and other small towns in the South Eastern part of Bingustan.

The Great Obamium Crisis of 2019 was a series of events where Obamium import tracks were being intercepted and stolen, most blamed on the Floppa Clan, and suspected to have led to the death of Big Floppa, if the culprit is Bingus, that is.

The Obamium Invasion was an invasion of a small town in Bingustan where the RBCG (Rogue Bingustan Citizans Group) Invaded the town and killed all lgbtq+ cats.

The flag of bingustan on a flag pole

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  • Big Floppa's music was banned in Bingustan. However the ban would be lifted after the revolution
  • Every citizen of Bingustan was automatically subscribed to Bingus' YouTube channel when making an account. The citizens of Bingustan are now free to unscubscribe without being captured by the Bingustani Youtube Police after 2029.
  • It's largest bank is BING-BANK INTER.
  • Bingus almost decked one of his advisors after they suggested war against Big Floppa "wasn't necessary."