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Bingusism is the religion followed by most of the Bingus Ethnicity, named after the principal deity, Bingus (distinct from Vladimir Bingus, Former ruler of Bingustan.) The majority of the religion, outlined in the Scrolls of Bingus, involves messages of community, kindness, and hairlessness. Through its existence, it has undergone multiple schisms and has many branches.

Origins of Bingusism[]

Bingusism, in its original form, is believed to have started in western europe around 100 B.C., though the Bingusians use a different calendar. The traditional interpretation of the founding of Bingusism is as follows:

During a period of despair, pestilence, and famine, the Bingusians were suffering, bereft of goodness and light, struggling against their enemies, the Floppians. As they toiled, farming and building, living a dim life of unhappiness and destitution, Bingus looked down upon his chosen people and frowned. Though he was not who created the world, he was its caretaker, and he decided a change was necessary. He poured his immortal energies into the womb of a female caracal, unable to mate with her secret Bingus lover. Soon, a beautiful baby was born, pale pink and entirely bereft of hair. (It is worth noting that before the advent of Bingusism, some Binguses had fur.) This child, Known as Bingus of Nazareth, then began spreading his teachings to all who would follow.