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Bingus Yeltsin is a Bingustani Politican and president after the 2029 revolution. Despite being from Flopsha he moved from there to Soggastan where Bingustan formed.

Personal Life[]

Bingus Yeltsin was born in western Flopsha in 1951. He moved away from Flopsha at the age of 18 and lived in Soggastan. After the 1994 revolution he went into hiding within Soggastan but came back out after the forming of Bingustan.

He became a politic for the Bingustani Government. He supported Democracy which he was arrested for after Balin's coup. He was released in 2028 after Nikita Bingus became leader, he founded the Democratic Movement. During the Bingustani Revolution, he was one of the biggest forces against communists, and was decided to be president.

Bingus Yeltsin upon going into power had alot to deal with, he wanted to reform the country with the support of the government, however with members of the government being people who lived under the communist regime, he had to come up with a way to replace them with members of the Democratic Movement.

Despite that, he established the position of the Prime Minister, putting Yuri Floproski, a member of the Democratic Movement in charge of that posititon. He started reforms on the country, allowing free travel, more education, changed currency due to Bings having high inflation rates and adopted a democratic system after more members of the Democratic Movement joined.

Bingus Yeltsin resigned in 2037, with Nikolai Bobby suceeding his position as the President of Bingustan.