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A Bingus Buried Alive in Bingus Re-Education Camp

A concentration camp built by Barack Flobama to "re-educate" the Bingustani people from Bingustan. The purpose of this camp was to "destroy the Bingustani hatred towards Big Floppa", according to US President Barack Flobama. The truth is, the camp was used to kill Bingustani people who won't serve Flobama. The Bingus Re-Education Camp continued operating even after the Treaty of Flopscow which caused quite a bit of controversy due to the fact that the war had ended. But once Joseph Balin took over Bingustan and began a second war most of these controversies faded.

Young Choppa visited the camp while recording her music video for the single 'Binguses, You Better Flee!', they had to censor certain parts of the video both to keep the camp's location secret and because of gore.

Changing into Therapy and Closing[]

In 2024 Joe Bingus closed the concetration camp and built a building containing free therapy for brain-washed people from Bingustan. The concentration camp was hidden by the huge building and was never put into use again.

He revealed the location, revealing it was 25 kilometers south to Detroit. The purpose of it was to destroy the love for Bingustan, and actually seriously this time. After the 2029 Revolution in Bingustan the Bingus Re-education Therapy was closed months after because Joe Bingus did not need it anymore.