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The Bingus Loyalists were a group that folllowed the populist leader Bingus during his reign, up until his death in Bingustan circa 2024. They are known for having extremist beliefs and wearing supreme eg.(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4sNLHTZqprw)

During Joseph Balin's regime Bingus Loyalists experienced cruelty, torture, imprisonment and police brutality.


When Bingus formed Bingustan, he searched for loyalists to run local affairs. Many of which were corrupt and served their own interests. Bingus appointed several loyalists to the job solely because of their political affiliation.

In 2019 an incident happened where several LGBTQ+ floppa's were brutally attacked in Detroit. After multiple cats were arrested at the scene, Detroit PD released a statement revealing many of the cats to be state actors from Bingustan.


Whilst Bingus was in charge of Bingustan Bingus Loyalists were Bingus' free range police. Notable for rioting and using their positions for personal gain, they gained significant media attention outside of Bingustan. When Bingustan became democratic in 2029, interests in bingus had declined, making the loyalist group less revelant.

Significant Leaders[]

  • Bingus
  • Fresh Bingus (identified as male at the time, now female)

Historical Signifcance[]

Many accounts of cats living in Bingustan at the time called them ironic, and hypocritical. These marks lay on Bingustan's back to this day.