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Bingus' dad whose name is Damien was born in a small town where he was bullied for the way he looked. Later in Damien's life he grew up to join the army and fought in both world wars.

During his youth, Damien was secretly participating to the Cult of "Foo", a mythological entity which they revered as the "King of all". They seeked to expand the influence of their master through rituals, and thaumaturgy. Damien was accepted several decades later as the Chief Cultist and, through a ritual, he managed to greatly expand his lifespan, calculated to be about 7000 years. His affiliation with the cult was never revealed to the public, nor his family, attributing his immortality to quote "A miracle from our lord, Jeezus Crust".

When Damien reached an old age he became a multi millionaire from creating a industry in which the production of renewable fossil fuels. he married another sphinx and they settled down and had a son named Vladimir Bingus in the town of New Rinkus shortly after the 1st siege. Years later they realized their son was not a capitalist and kicked him off onto the streets, they were disgraced at their son.

After the 1996 shadow war between several groups including the Foo Cultist (completely wiped out in the process) he is presumed dead/hiding.

Bingus' father.png
Damien heading to war

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