Bingsky is a popular figure amongst communists, in 1870, on the 8th of November, Bingsky was born. Bingsky was the child of Bingla And Bingest. As a kid he grew up in the villages, saving up bingcoins to be able to afford an education, he learnt the struggles and didn't want this for anyone. After many years of studying, Bingsky saw his opportunity and quickly rushed over to Sogstria which had a ton of communist movements, however it quickly collapsed. Having wasted all his bingcoins on the trip, he had to go to another country, the Flopman Empire, which was known for being a monarchy. There with another fellow communist, he had started a coup against the king, being sucessful and becoming the king himself, he then let life be good to his fullest ability. However, in the end, due to the establishment of the Republic of Flopmany, Bingsky was kicked out and replaced with a democratic leader. Bingsky still attempted to lead a Flopman communist republic, however it was not recognized. When world war 2 broke out, Bingsky had to move to Flopxico, a place below the UFA. There he had numerous hitmen sent on him by the Nafi Flopman Government. He had written 3 books, 1 being the Communist Manifesto, one being the an autobiography, and another being a black book on all the old leader's connections.


Bingsky was assassinated in august 6th, 1942, he had an icepick lodged into his forehead several times, the icepick was left behind, being put into a museum years later. The perpetrator has recently died of cancer and he still has memories of how he killed Bingsky. Bingsky was buried at Traditional Flopxico Graves on august 14th of the same year.


The legacy of Bingsky stretches far and wide, it had influenced Bingustan and many other nations. One of Bingsky's books, "The Communist Manifesto" Has recently become the number #1 Best seller in countries such as Bingustan and Vietflop. The book has recently been taken down from many shelves due to its graphic nature and its show of how to start a coup, and how to create the things needed to further the coup.

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