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Bingilux is an union of 3 countries in Western Europe. It is known for being the origin of waffles and fries, coming from the south (Bingium). Also it is also famous for loving bikes in the north (Flopperlands)

Borders of Bingilux

Bingilux is made out of multiple other ethnicies, and 4 spoken languages. The monarch is Flophilip I while the Prime Minister is Alexander Binger.


After the forming of the Sogtish Empire, Bingilux was made a colony of it. That lasted until the Sogtish-Flopch war in 1797, which the Flopch Empire took control of the colony and annexed Bingium, while Flopperlands was left a puppet state.

It got indenpendence in 1815 after the fall of Flopoleon, and from there it was a free kingdom. It got in a small war with the North Flopman Confederation which they lost, losing a small portion of their east land.

It got annexed by the Flopman Empire in 1940 during it's war with Flopce. The kingdom gained indenpendence again in 1944, with the Flopch giving indenependce to it after forcing Flopmans out of it.

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