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Big Snotta is a mysterious figure, with only 1 known picture out of them. They have released 3 songs, and have hinted towards an album on the 10th of January, 2021. Not much else is known other than their music

Musical Career[]

In 2017, Big Snotta released the song "Lock Me In Chains", and then went silent. The song reached #38 on the charts, and got Big Snotta a name. The vocals in this track are very distorted, and therefore the lyrics are mostly unknown. In late 2018, Big Snotta went #1 with "Help", and many people were anticipating their next release. They released .. / -.-. .- -. / ... . . / -.-- --- ..- in December of 2019, which debuted at #8 on the charts, but quickly fell to #90, and after 4 weeks, it left the charts. In December of 2020, Big Snotta released "Gunfight", A break from their usual style, it was a very fast rap, breaking the record for fastest rap, and it reached #1 after 10 hours, and Big Snotta didn't release again until 2023.

Personal Life[]

Very little is known about their personal life.

Debut Album[]

At exactly midnight, December 27th, Big Snotta tweeted out




Which almost everyone had taken to mean either the 10th of January or the 1st of October

In exactly 24 hours, Big Snotta tweeted out "0.1", which is 1 divided by 10, or 1/10, which caused people to believe that it was the 10th of January.

On the 8th of January, 2019, Big Snotta tweeted out "Album Soon" and then instantly deleted it.

This has lead people to believe that an album would come on the 10th of January.

On the 10th of January 2019, Big Snotta released the album ".. / -.-. .- -. / ... . . / -.-- --- ..-", which when decoded says "I see you". The songs frequently contained weird noises, distorted voices, and other things, and on Janurary 31st 2020, Big Snotta privated their account. Big Snotta then went silent for 3 years.

2nd album[]

After a few years of silence from 2019-2022, Big Snotta released a single, "Lights", a more experimental synthpop song. It reached #59 on the charts, the lower than usual position mainly being caused due to a lack of interest after their album which many fans considered disappointing. They released their second single, "After, When, Maybe", a highly vocal driven psychedelic synth song. It debuted at #38, it's highest position on the charts was #5. They released their final single from the album, "Fireflies Forest" in May of 2023. It debuted at #1, and stayed there for 4 weeks. It stayed on the chart for 28 weeks. The album, "Underground" was released on June 16, 2023. It debuted at #1, and was highly praised. The tracklist consisted of these 8 songs, with a total runtime of 38 minutes and 58 seconds:

No, Goodnight (Length: 4:21)

Lights (Length: 3:37)

No Way (Length: 2:10)

After, When, Maybe (Length: 7:56)

Strange? Interlude (Length: 1:03)

Stars On Your Arms (Length: 6:10)

Fireflies Forest (Length: 3:53)

Yes, Good Morning (Length: 9:48)

2030 EP[]

On midnight, January 1st, 2030, Big Snotta released the 2030 EP, a 5 song EP of remakes and remixes of earlier songs, plus a new song.

The tracklist goes:

I See You [Remastered] (Length: 3:29)

No, Goodnight [Sleepy Shloopa Remix] (Length: 4:28)

Will You? [Yoink the Doink Remix] (Length: 3:47)

After, When, Maybe [Remastered] (Length: 7:58)

2030 (Length: 2:30)

Speculated death of Big Snotta[]

Having not publicly said or released anything in over 6 years, Big Snotta has been speculated to be dead. This however is not confirmed, and their son, Lil Hoppa, has not said anything about the situation. At the end of the Underground CD, Morse code was discovered that said, "Hello. If you're hearing this, or reading this, keep looking." This lead to mass speculation for years, yet nothing has come out of it seemingly. Their death was confirmed false after they formed The Undead Flops.