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Big Floppa Records (B.F.R) is a music review group formed by Big Floppa(?) in 2015. It is the third most popular music review group, with their own magazine, radio station and podcast.

It shares the opinions of Big Floppa, and this is apparent in many reviews. They tend to favour Floppas friends, and give negative reviews to Bingus-related music.


Crying in the Floppers because my dad left me

"A hit. Every song is great, especially Ending it All and Razor blade at the dusk. A definetive improvement over Sad Poggers." (6/10)

(Sleepy Shloppa and Sogga)


"Fantastic. Most of the songs are good, but they dont compare to Money. Its easily the best song of the album, and arguably one of the best of the 2030s so far." (9/10)

(Gargantinous Sloopa)

I Want To Fuck

"Heavily sexual, but it dosent ruin the songs as much as Gloops music. I Want To Fuck Bingus is easily the best, and is based as hell." (5/10)


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