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Big Floppa II is the genetic clone of Big Floppa made through the Revelation Project. Not much is known about him, other than that he inherited the memories and consciousness of his predecessor. He is genetically identical to Big Floppa due to the wonders of the Revelator. Due to the whopping failure rate of the clones, he had the planned Lil Floppa and Albert Flopstein's conscious implanted in him as well. However, they are currently suspended in an effort to keep Flopstein from resisting.


After his awakening, Big Floppa II, who had inherited the consciousness of the original BIg Floppa, is confused and assumes that he actually lived through the drive-by. However, he is quickly informed of his situation by Mad Drip, who had been by his side when he first awoke. Mad Drip, who had been leader of the Floppa Clan for 9 years, then convinces Big Floppa II to take his place as the leader of the Floppa Clan and continue pursuing the remnants of Radical Bingusism. Along with Justin, they begin their search.

Current Activity

It is currently unknown where Big Floppa II and his clanmates are, but it's believed they are trying to destroy the last elements of radical Bingusism in Bingustan.

Even though there has been a noticeable decline in Bingus radicals in Bingustan due to the revolution there are still some radical Bingusists left and the new government can't do anything about them due free speech laws. It is believed that they are attempting to orchestrate another Bingustani Civil War by using spies to convince the radicals to take up arms only for them to be destroyed by the Bingustani army, freeing Big Floppa II and his associates from blood on their own hands.

It is also known that they are attempting to find the Longcat and the Giant Floppas for use in wartime.

They have tracked down the Longcat, but they haven't actually made contact yet. Since they do not know how to communicate with the Longcat they'll have to capture it by force.

The Floppa Clan also taught some of it's members how to speak Proto-Floppaic, the language which the Giant Floppas speak. This led to the successful contact and recruitment of the Giant Floppas.

Public Return

While still attempting to find a method to start a second Bingustani Civil War, they decided it would be advantageous to publicly announce that Big Floppa was actually alive. This, of course, is a lie, since Big Floppa II is actually just a genetic clone. However, the public believed it, leading hate towards the Bingus radicals and their supporters. With the plan going well, Big Floppa II and the Floppa Clan go back into hiding and continue orchestrating the Second Bingustani Civil War.


Big Floppa II, due to his status as a genetic clone of Big Floppa, is an artificial being and has many modifications that put him on the same levels as the Trolls that appear in the Trollage. In fact, it is rumored that Trollge actually survived his being attacked by The Hand, but was killed by Big Floppa II a few years later. A "witness" stated that Big Floppa II had sliced Trollge's face in two in a matter of seconds, making this a big feat for Big Floppa II, as Trollge is a Trollage-spawned entity, making him on par with the rest of the Trolls (who can kill hundreds of people in a matter of seconds). Big Floppa II also ate Trollge's body, inheriting both his ability to gain power from eating corpses and the power that he had gained from that ability in and of itself.

Big Floppa II has killed multiple Trolls in underground expeditions. For each Troll he eats, he gains a certain amount of power. These abilities and his status as an artificial being make him a match for even abnormal, eldritch beings like The Hand, Longcat, and the Giant Floppas. If he were to eat one of these, it is possible that he would actually be able to start the Second Bingustani Civil War and eliminate every single Troll, effectively stopping the Trollage forever. It's likely they're going to have him only eat The Hand, as it is completely uncontrollable, while keeping Longcat and the Giant Floppas for future battles with Bingus' remaining fans.

After eating all of the Cursed Ones, he gained both their raw strength/speed, while also inheriting their specific abilities. These include- spontaneous thinning, reflecting, turning into a snek form, speed, night vision, strength, licking, two-ton-tail-whapping, and eggifying other entities. It's also possible that Big Floppa II could gain indefinite power by eating the infinitely reforming Cursed Ones and the Hand.

Attempted Execution (potentially canon)

After being captured during Operation Drip Too Hard Big Floppa II was brought to Joe Bingus Air Force Base and was supposed to be executed via tank shell while in a pod that disabled his powers. However, little did the UF know after his capture during Operation DTH the Floppa Clan planned "Operation Jupeter" to get him out.

It went like this

  • TI delivers the unconcious Big Floppa II to JBAFB
  • Big Floppa II is put in his pod
  • The tank rolls in.
  • A commander delivers his speech. Big Floppa II is asked for his last words.
  • "Why not snap it?" he says, focused towards TI.
  • A rocket hits the tank and 5 floppa clan members get dropped in and gun everybody down.
  • TI runs away towards an F-22 and pilots it.
  • The floppa clan members disable the pod.
  • Big Floppa II kills all the people at JBAFB.
  • Big Floppa II jumps towards TIs F-22 and disables it.
  • TI ejects out of the F-22 and lands in a forest.
  • Big Floppa II assumes TI died and leaves.
  • The FCP Foundation goes to the crash site and captures TI.