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This article is about the nuclear weapon. Not to be confused with Big Floppa

"Big Floppa" was the codename for the type of nuclear bomb developed by the Cathattan Project that was detonated in Detroit by the United Flops on 9 August 1945. It was the first nuclear weapons attempted to be used in warfare, the second being "Little Flop", and its detonation marked the third nuclear explosion in history. It was built by scientists and engineers at Los Alamos Laboratory using floponium from the Hanford Site, and it was dropped from the Foeing B-29 Superfloptress "Life is Good" piloted by Major Charles F. Scooby.

Accidental Bombing of Detroit[]

Life is Good lifted off at 03:47 from Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado Springs on the morning of 9 August 1945, with Flopburg as the primary target and Flopnich the secondary target. 3 1/2 hours into the flight the aircraft went into extreme turbulence causing severe aerodynamics stresses that damaged the right horizontal stabilizer and vertical stabilizer. Unknowingly to the crew, due to their inept navigation skills, the crew was almost over the city of Detroit. At 07:20 Major Charles F. Scooby made the hard-pressed decision to emergency jettison his payload in order to make an emergency decent and landing. The crew forgot to disarm the nuclear weapon before they jettisoned it(as they were not use to such a payload).The bomb was dropped at an altitude of 28,000ft(8534 meters) and took approximately 41 seconds until detonation at 300 meters AGL. The bombed detonated 300 meters above Eastpointe, Detroit.


The Big Floppa bomb, detonated over Detroit in 1945, caused 983,000 to 1,226,000 estimated deaths in Detroit, along with several million people injured and highly irradiated. Almost immediately afterward, heavy backlash hit the United Flops of America and their government. Protests and rallies were sparked when people learned of the brutal damage caused by both the "Big Floppa" and the "Lil Flop". This caused the UFA, as well as many other nations, to change their policies on nuclear warfare.

Aftermath and Effects[]

After the Big Floppa Bomb was detonated over Detroit, the UFA almost immediately changed their nuclear policies from wide public backlash. This didn't fix the damage dealt to Detroit and its residents, as about 1 million Detroiters were dead and many were left with no families and horrific injuries. Despite several public apologies on the matter, the public still hasn't seemed to forgive the UFA for what they considered a war crime. However, Detroit has at least somewhat forgiven, letting Barack Flobama, 44th president of the UFA, visit the city to pay respects.