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Big Floppa's large mansion, with over 700 residents.


Big Floppa's mansion is the largest mansion in the world, it was built in 1910 originally owned by Nicholas Caracal, it is located in Miami, and has 10 different entrances, over 6000 rooms, 20 kitchens, over 700 residents, a large park area, with a drinking fountain, several Ice cream and Spirte stands, 5 pools, and a cave underneath the mansion area, which contains a large computer system, however this would only come later after Big Floppa's death when the Floppa Intelligence Agency took over the mansion.

The important rooms[]

Big Floppa's room[]

Big Floppa room is one of the biggest. It has big bed, 8K TV with FS4 PRO, FS5,desk with PC and paper stack with Floppa's rap drafts. It has Flop Fo No Hoe on wall, good microphone and drum machine with synth, it also has several AK-47s, miniguns, 20 shelves with Floppa merchandise on them, a large gallery, several Floppa suits used in past music videos, and a mini-kitchen, but after Floppa's death was cleared and turned into a memorial room for Big Floppa, just like Sogga a statue was erected in his honor in the park.

Sogga's room[]

Sogga's room is the second largest room in the mansion, and is close to Big Floppa's room, it has several gaming consoles, a Floppa-Clan computer that is used for distress calls, Sogga memorabilia, a recording studio, drums, PC, and a large glass case containing the Sogga statue, however after Sogga died the room was cleared and made into a Sogga museum area of the mansion, a statue was also erected in the park of the mansion, along with Big Floppa.

Floppette's room[]

Floppette's room has an average gaming PC with a STX 2080. It has Floppette's painting outfit, her painting utensils, and her paintings hung upon a wall. There is also a ukulele next to the gaming PC. Due to the small size of the room, she has a mattress in the closet. Also in there is an AC and a Flop-Box 1. Since Floppette is moving out, it is unknown what this room will be for after she moves her items into the Floppa-Clan Main Base.

Lil Floppa's room[]

Lil Floppa's room has a Flopstation 3, SogBox 360, and Floptendo Flopcube, and 20 shelves with Floppa family photos, it also contains a dresser, and a high quality microphone, with posters of Lil Floppa's first song, however he moved out in 2017, after people heard of his death a statue was also erected in his honor.

Spoingus' room[]

Spoingus actually lived in Floppa's mansion for some time before moving out, Spoingus' room was packed full of equipment, Spoingus posters, and Spoingus memorabilia.

Chegg's room[]

Chegg's room is the most unique as it doesn't have much furniture, making it basically an echo chamber, it just contains a gaming PC, a shelf with different games, a Floppa themed microwave, however Chegg moved out in 2015.

Big Floppa's grandparents' room[]

Big Floppa's grandparents' room was the average 1960's room, with a big TV, a king sized bed, a night stand, and a movie collection from that era (it also had Flopman 1966), however after their deaths (Big Floppa's grandmother's death is unknown because the page isn't fucking finished after several fucking months) the room was cleared and given to another resident of the mansion.

Big Floppa's parents' room[]

Big Floppa's parents' room was basically the same as his grandparents' room, with some differences, it had a record player, it had several Floppa paintings, a big TV, and photos of Floppa when he was a child, after Floppa's parents' death it was turned into a section of Floppa's room, but after Floppa's own death, the room was cleared.

The Floppa kitchen[]

The Floppa kitchen is the biggest kitchen in the mansion, it has 50 chefs and the head chef is Glinpnar Jr, Son of Glinpnar Sr. Floppiosus, a former military commander of the Floppa clan, the kitchen has some of the best foods ever made, and has the most professional and experienced chefs,

The Plinka hospital[]

The Plinka hospital is the largest hospital in the mansion, with very experienced doctors, Trans Floppa also trained to be a doctor in the Plinka hospital, but then left, the hospital has 20 doctors all working hard to cure patients.

Amogus lounge[]

A large lounge in central hall, containing a large TV, several fruits to eat, and paintings of Big Floppa, painted beautifully by Floppette.

Spoingus dance house[]

Spoingus dance house is a dance house in the mansion, with several DJs, and wonderful music done by Big Floppa.

Nicholas Caracal's room[]

Nicholas Caracal's room was the first ever room in the mansion, and was the biggest, it had a large bathroom, shelves containing photos of Great Floppsy Flopper, paintings of Feodor the mediocre, and a Luger in case someone were to break in, however he moved out in 1926, after Nicholas' death, the room was cleared and a statue was erected in the park.

Great "Floppsy" Flopper's room[]

Great Floppsy Flopper's room was mostly like his father's room, but had a TV in the center of the room (this would only come in 1950), 10 shelves and a night stand, with a portrait of Nicholas Caracal, however he moved out in 1951, and died in 1956.

Justin's room[]

Justin's room was just like Big Floppa's room, but with a collection of comic books, an 8K flat screen TV, Floppa memorabilia, a guitar, a FS3, 4, 5, and a SogBox 360, one, and series Flop, and a PC with an FTX 3080 card.

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