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"Go fucker yourself, fucker."
Alexander Karakal

Alexander Karakal, born Alexander Flopper, is the father of Gregory Caracal, more known as Big Floppa. He was a supermarket worker until he finds his grandfather's company, which made him inexplicably wealthy. He was married to Catherine Caracal, a floppa from Florida. Alexander is the father of Justin, Big Floppa, and Floppette.

Being Big Floppa's father, Alexander would've spent more time with his children. But, he couldn't spend enough time because of his job to manage his grandfather's apparently illegal stock, making him technically a criminal. However, due to his popularity and wealth, Alexander can avoid any charges by the UF government.

Alexander has a condition that forces him to put "-er" at the end of some words. Still, he is fluent in Floppaic languages without saying "-er".

Early Life[]

Alexander is the only son of Flopushka and Floppsy Flopper Jr. He spent his childhood in Miami, and his parents loved him since he is their only son. Alexander scored well in school, but his behaviour sometimes made his teachers angry. When he was 14, he was kicked out of school for drinking six Fanter galloons.

When he was 29, his father left him to be drafted into the CIA. He then left Miami and travelled to New Flop City, where he planned to do business. It was also when he got his "-er" condition. His "business" failed as he said Nig*er out loud with the hard R.

He then returned to Miami, where he worked as a supermarket worker, drinking Fanter all day. He was a Fanter addict, to be exact. When he was restocking store shelves, a girl called Catherine slipped down, and Alexander helped him. Then, they both fell in love, boinked, and Big Floppa was then born and named him Gregory Caracal.

Big Floppa's Golden Age[]

When his son's album became famous, he earned some of its sales, making him happy. He was almost out of funds when Flop Fo No Hoe was released, so he was relieved. Then, he apologized to his son for doubting him and saying that he was a waste of his time, and his son, Big Floppa, forgave him. Alexander then became the head of the economy of the Floppa Gang, as well as the historian.

When Alexander heard of Big Floppa's death, he fell to his knees, and tears came out of his eyes. Then, he looked up to the air and yelled out loud, "NOOOOOOO!!!". It was a heartbreaking moment for him, and it broke him for years. He started talking to his family and friends again three years later, in 2021, after he finally realized and accepted his son's death and took meds to be happier but he will remeber the words floppa said flop fo no hoe and floppa will be in the hearts of all.


While drinking at a bar, Alexander, at the joking request of a friend, managed to drink 4 whole barrels of beer within 10 minutes. For a few minutes he was fine, but after 5 minutes he began to turn pale and had blurry vision. Alexander then drink 2 gallons of water reportedly to wash down the beer. (Which he claimed just hadn't gone down right) This, instead of making him better, made the situation worse. Finally after 2 hours of saying he was fine, Alexander finally had his friends call an ambulance which arrived within 5 minutes.

When he arrived at the hospital a scan of his liver was conducted. Doctors were shocked to find Alexanders entire liver had detached from all his other organs and was floating around in his body. Doctors tried all they could, but their attempts proved unsuccessful.

The next morning he was still alive (Although extremely drunk and sick) and requested a pint of beer. When this request was refused he reportedly shouted, "GIVE ME THAT BEER NOW OR I WILL GET UP AND LEAVE!" The stress of screaming like that caused him to collapse.

At 19:44 (11 hours after collapsing) he flatlined and couldn't be revived. He was buried beside his son, father, mother, grandfather, grandmother and all the other family members in the Floppa Family graveyard. His remaining family attended his funeral. These family members were

Justin (His son)

Floppette (His daughter)

Chegg (His grandson)

Flopy (His Great-Grandson)

At the time of his death on the 24th December 2055 (Which would have been his sons 71st Birthday if not for his death) Alexander was 94 years old.


Despite being drunk 98% of the time, a tax evader, a hoarder, an unconfirmed murderer, a drunk driver, a rent evader and someone who has a very suspicious backstory, Alexander was a loving father, good friend and someone who was proud of his sons achievements. (In later years, in his early years Alexander believed his sons music career wasn't to be) He will forever be remembered for playing a part in bringing the most famous rapper/music artist to ever exist.


When he was 20, Alexander drank 20 Fanter galloons, giving him a serious stomach injury.[]