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Big Floppa's Ass is absolutely enormous. It is earth-shatteringly large, big enough to wipe out the entire population with one fell swoop. The colossal power it holds both threatens and impresses existence itself. The broadness of it's cosmic cheeks can and will make any mortal cower and drool. Only a being with the strength of 10 million cats can haul such a plump dumpy. The burliness and astronomical towering size of it outdoes any normal chunky trunk by 100-fold. The eyes of any who gaze upon it's immense mightiness cannot fathom the titanic scale of these sweet cheeks. Any and all poor souls that are stricken with hunger and thirst will be instantly satisfied after setting their eyes upon this godly sight. The perfect sculpting of these thicc cheeks makes Kim Kardashian envious. Those who dream of Big Floppa's humongous fatty, longing for it's strapping grace, do not have to worry; anyone can catch a view of this glorious and ample feast, for it is rotund enough to consume the Earth, allowing all to peer at it's feline skunk funk. Many say it is a gift from god. However, it might as well be God. Individuals lucky enough to see it will be so sodden with sweet fluids after seeing Floppa's dump truck, that they may drown in euphoric bliss.