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Benito Floppalini was a fascist philosopher from Flopitaly. He was the Prime Minister of Flopitaly from 1925-1945. He was previously pro-Socialist, however after getting kicked out of the socialist movement he invented a new ideology named Fascism.


Floppalini was born in Milan, Flopitaly. He tried emigrating to Soggerland to avoid military service, however he got arrested and was sent back multiple times. While he was in Soggerland he had a growing interest in Socialism and the Flopitalian Socialist Movement in Soggerland.

After completing his military service after avoiding it the first time, he worked as an elementary teacher. He turned against Socialism in 1916 during the Great Floppa War as the Socialist movement kicked him out due to his pro-war thoughts.

Shortly after he invented Fascism which the Flopman Fascist Party adopted during the existence of the Republic of Flopmany. Floppalini used his speaking skills to persuade the King to give him the prime minister's position, which he succeeded on the second try.

Floppalini was the dictator of Flopitaly from the end of the Great Floppa War to the Second World War. He was captured by the Allies during their advance in Flopitaly and was jailed for life after the war.


Benito Floppalini died in prison after being jailed by the Allies in 1945. Upon the establishment of the United Nations, the security council ordered that Floppalini is executed for war crimes. On January 7th, 1946, Benito Floppalini along with others was shot.