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"Welcome to my own Country!" - Bella

Bellvin is Bella's very own country, she owns this country and it is her main source of income. It is unfortunately unrecognized, with Floppa Clan being the only thing to recognize Bellvin. It was later destroyed by an incoming amogus swarm.


Bellvin is a country in North America, The Country was founded on December 12th, 2010. It supplies lots of items towards The United Flops of America, and is associated with The Bingustan Wars as well as The Floppa Clan Forces. Bella originally started Bellvin as a vacation island as well as a testing area for her gadgets and experiments, mainly because they were extremely deadly and could not be tested in such a small area, like her old house. When Bellvin was being made, it was extremely costly, costing 10 Billion Flops since Bella was in The United Flops of America at the time, she went through with it almost going bankrupt from it, but it was worth it in her eyes.

This Country is also home to the restaurant "Bella Hut".

Location of Bellvin between the UFA and Sogada

The Bingustan Wars[]

When the war was going on, Bella supplied Floppa Clan with multiple military equipment. It proved somewhat effective. After a while, Bellvin would bale from the war after her hard victory over Lemonad, even covering the whole thing up to this day. Talking about it can get you booted from the country.

To this day Bellvin is still making giant mechs incase of another war, or if a new form of Kaiju manages to slip through.


Lots of Tourists visit Bellvin because of its beautiful cities and incredibly high mountains. Most Tourists that visit this Country are extremely wealthy, and the Country even has a barrier for how wealthy you should be if you want to tour the country, mostly its 5,000 of any currency to get into Bellvin just once.