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Bella is a small floppa, mostly known for being in The Floppa Fighting Game. Bella is a stray cat. Weirdly, nobody knows what breed of cat Bella its, it is theorized that if a member of the Floppa Species were to reproduce with a member of the Sogga Species it could potentially create some cat breed like Bella.

Big Floppa

Bella is commonly associated with Big Floppa and helped out on the production of the song Flop Fo No Hoe . Bella and Big Floppa met in a creek, yes, weird place. Bella and Floppa are very good friends.

Bella supports Big Floppa's decision to support the coalition in the Bingustani Wars, even visiting the city of Bingsibirsk which was occupied by Floppa Clan forces.


Bella was born in 1985, by a Sogga and Floppa Species in Soggasaki.

Bella was raised just like any other normal cat, she had a rocky school though, and got bullied there a lot. She was bullied so much to the point where she wanted to take revenge on the bullies, however it was just a mental thought at back of her head. Eventually, a caracal named Big Floppa convinced her to drop out and eventually they became friends.

Bella's Country

See 'Bellvin'

Task Force

Task Force is a clan that was built to take down and kill "Floppazilla", Bella helped program tons of mechs to try and put an end to the kaijus rain of terror, all have failed. Task Force was so popular that even Sogga and Floppa joined for a small period of time, Many commercials for Task Force went around, all making Bella a very famous character, and one of the wealthiest, the only one who is more famous and wealthy is Bingus.

Task Force funded the UF and Flopanese Government's Oxygen Destroyer Project, which after being tested in 2080, was used in 2081 against Floppazilla and was a massive sucess, destroying Floppazilla.

Bella Hut

Bella owns a restaurant called "Bella Hut" where it sells various pizzas and such, this is Sogga's favorite restaurant, because his favorite food is 'Pizzer'.

This restaurant has just opened, and is looking for people to work there, Bella says quote; "If you work there you get free pizza *COUGH COUGH DEATH*"

A lot of characters have already toured the place, tried the pizza, and gave it ratings. To this day it has a rating of 4.8 / 5 on The Floppa Resteraunt Chain.

Bella is planning to open another food place with the difference from the first one being that it will be a luxury restaurant