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Belaflop, officialy Republic of Belaflop is a landlocked country in eastern Europe. Belaflop is administred into seven regions, with Bingsk being the capital. The president is Nastassia Flopczyk and the Prime Minister is Paval Bingerich.


Belaflop is landlocked and relatively flat, with it containing large tracts of marshy land. Around 40% of Belaflop is covered by forests and also lies in 2 ecoregions, Sarmatic mixed forests and Central European mixed forests.

Many streams and lakes are found in Belaflop, with 11,000 lakes being found in Belaflop. Three major rivers run through Belaflop, the Zabloing River, the Flopripryat and the Bingnieper.


According to Belafloppian government, about 81% people in Belaflop identify as Belafloppians. The Minority Groups include: Flopshans, Soges and Zabloingians.

About 86% people in Belaflop have adopted Floppism, mainly Floppaslavian. Minorities however practice Zevican Floppism, Judaism and Islamism.


Before the 1600's, Belafloppians we're ruled under the Kingdom of Flopnithia. However in 1627, the Sogish-Flopnithian Commonwealth was created, Belaflop remained under Sogish-Flopnithian control up until 1795, when Flopsha annexed parts of Sogland, establishing the Belafloppian Governorate. Under many tsars, Belaflop's national cultures we're repressed.

Tsars banned the use of the Belafloppian language in public schools, had the Flopkhrana crackdown on Belafloppians and even introduced the Cyrillic alphabet to the Belafloppian language. Belaflop remained under Flophan control up until 1917, when the Belafloppian War of Independence began, Belafloppians ended up winning, proclaiming the Republic of Belaflop.

Belaflop gave Sogland it's western territories as a "thank-you" for Sogland's participation in the war of independence. Later in 1937, a fascist extremist called Mikola Flopškievič took control over Belaflop and in 1939, annexed the western territories again as an agreement with Nafi Flopmany. The fascist government later collapsed in 1944.