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Baweley Glopnar is Justin's and Big Floppa's cousin, but was adopted by Sogga's parents after physical abuse in his family.

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Early Life[]

Baweley was born in a small English village named Figheldean. His dad worked in a small grocery store, but his mother was unemployed. The family he lived in didn't have nearly enough money to be able to afford anything, so he was forced to work as an assistant for his dad.

Baweley's father started drinking and abusing him. This is why in the year 2002 Sogga's family decided to adopt him.

Relations with new Family[]

At first he really disliked his new family - they cared a lot more about is new older brother - Sogga. Hovewer when Sogga realised he was a cousin of his friend, they started to talk to each other a lot. This is where he learned about Justin - his lost older cousin, that escaped from home back in the year 1987.

Sogga and Baweley together.

Sogga cared about him, and treated him like they always knew each other.


Baweley tried to get popular in the music industry, but decided to quit because of the competition from the new rapper - Big Floppa. This is why instead of music - he decided to make podcasts.

Most of them were about his past. Later joined Sleepy Shloopa and then Justin.

The first podcast called "Not so Flop" got very popular on Spotify, and motivated Baweley to make more. This is also where he first met Justin in person. His traumatic experiences with the family, starting a new life in the Sogga House, and living in extreme poverty were topics that he wasn't scared to talk about.

He bought a new house and funded a company called "Floopodcast Friday".

There are rumors that he is currently dating with Wheely.

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