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The Baja California Republic is an independent country in North America, it seceded from Flopxico along with the Yucatan Republic in the 1840s. Despite this, many uninformed people still believe it to be part of Flopxico.

The Baja California Republic is home to the biggest natural supply of Floppium in the world, and because of that it has been the target of several foreign-sponsored coups aimed to make the Floppium cheaper in whatever country funded the coup. It is currently controlled by a pro-Floppaslavian government.

List of Governments[]

Original Government: 1841 - 1884[]

The first government of Baja California, fairly standard 19th century republic. It was invaded by Flopce and turned into a colony.

Flopch Colonial Government: 1884 - 1933[]

Generally disliked by the population due to them trying to enforce the Flopch language on the country, it was overthrown by a communist government in 1931.

Communist Baja: 1933 - 1950[]

Alot of the Bingus population starved during the reign of the communists. It was overthrown by a CIA-sponsored coup in 1950.

Pro-UF Government: 1950 - 1955[]

Simular to the original government, but with the UF interfering in it's elections. It was overthrown by another communist one in response to a rigged election.

Second Communist Government: 1955 - 1970[]

Heavily disliked by the UF, they made many failed assassination attempts on it's leader and launched a failed invasion once too. Ultimately it was not the UF that would topple the communists but rather Flopsha.

Pro-Flopshan Government: 1970 - 1995[]

Established solely because the Tsar wanted cheaper Floppium in his country, it was actually more popular by the inhabitants of Baja than most of the previous governments. After the establishment of a Pro-Flopshan Government Baja became a puppet state of Flopsha.

In 1973 war erupted between the Flopsha and Flopxico, due to the Flopxican reserves of Floppium drying up. Flopxico invaded Baja and took half the peninsula, but their advance slowed down once the main Flopshan army arrived. Ultimately the UN managed to negotiate a peace deal which involved Flopxico getting a massive discount on Floppium.

The Flopshan government was overthrown by Soggastan in 1995, in an attempt to expand the islamic revolution into the Americas.

Islamic Soggastani Government: 1995 - 1996[]

The islamic government was extremely unpopular due to the low population of both Muslims and Soggas in Baja. It featured the exact same laws as mainland Soggastan.

It barely lasted a year as Soggastan was dealing with it's own internal issues at the time and could not divert resources into Baja.

Independent Democracy: 1996 - 2012[]

The Islamic government was ousted and for the first time since 1970 the country was fully independent. Things remained relatively peaceful until 2012 when Bingustani agents took control of it.

Bingustani Government: 2012 - 2017[]

Bingustan is a country with an extremely low supply of Floppium, and because of that Vladimir Bingus decided that Bingustan needed a colony. While there were more Binguses than Soggas in Baja they were still a minority.

The Bingustani Government in Baja was way more tolerant of non-binguses than the government in mainland Bingustan, probably because they couldn't afford to upset the populus of their only supply of Floppium. However, due to Bingustan having alot of enemies it was bound to eventually be overthrown, which happened in 2017.

Pro-Floppaslavian Government: 2017 - 2030[]

Almost every country that was at war with Bingustan had plans to overthrow their colony, but Floppaslavia managed to do it first so the other countries backed down.

The Floppaslavian administration is controversial, as it is actually less liberal than the Bingustani government was in some ways. Binguses are generally treated way worse by the law enforcement and expressing pro-Bingustani views can get you in trouble.

Floppaslavia's influence in a country so close to Flopxico has got Juan slightly worried, as while they are currently allies it's likely relations will stop being so smooth once the Bingustani war has ended. On January 8th, 2030, Flopxico finally invaded.

Flopxican Government: 2030-2032[]

The Floppaslavian-Flopxican War ended in Flopxican Victory. Upon Flopxico winning, they installed a Juanist government. The Juanist government crackdowned on anyone who demonstrated against it. The Juanist Government would end up to be short-lived, as 2 years later the Juanist government was overthrown by the residents of Baja.

Independent Government: 2032-Present[]

Originally established as a provisional government, Baja California Republic is currently in an independent government. The Independent Government supplies Floppium to countries which sponsored the overthrow. There are multiple countries with plan to overthrow the independent government, however none of these plans have been carried out yet.