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Image of the attack.

The Attack on Flop Harbor was a war aggression action committed by the Empire of Flopan during WW2, on December 7, 1941. The attack is the main reason the UFA joined WW2. About 3000 sailors and civilians died, and almost 30 ships sunk after the attack. One of the vessels sunk can still be seen to this day. It is a memorial to those who lost their lives at that time. The attack happened in Flopai'i during American occupation.


Historians claim that the attack is basically to weaken the UF Navy in the Pacific, which they fail in doing it. The Flopanese did not destroy any fuel bases, repair stations, radar arrays, or submarine docks. They only target ships, mainly battleships, which some of them survive.


The attack forces the United Flops to join the ongoing war to retaliate against the Empire of Flopan. The Pacific Fleet healed quickly and got into the action, fighting the Flopanese Navy, then decisively wrecking it in the Battle of Flopway. Afterward, they destroy the IJN in the Battle of Floppe Gulf. The UF came out victorious in the end.