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And Bernice Republic (2010 present), is located in the Middle East region. Vladimir Paint was founded by the country's dictatorship, but was replaced in 2029 by Peng Yeltsin to the Sphinx, a monster of a revolution in the complex.

Pingistan head of the Sphinx, a monster is complicated.


Pingistan was known as 'Poingostan' until 2010, when Vladimir painted an army and formed the law. The place where he built a political party Sugastan. So did the mixed population of the Soga binge flop of the world and especially in the area. Required fields are Byng Bingustan compiled on a race and all the injustices of the people do not try it., Berenice, to neighbors and to all nations to work hard is subject to the economic sanctions. By 2025, after the death of Ping, the 85% of their poverty and the improvement of all the penguins in the year 2029. However, the numbers of them are of horror, as far as the statistics are under strict control, under the command that the fear of the masses is not in the Pangostani ..

In 2018, 250,000 people leaving Penguinistan experienced. 30,000 10,000, and there is no shot at the end of their goal.

The war in 2023 that Flopsco signed as emperor was the Bingustan Treaty for neighbors they made up. And he took Paul, as it were, and said that no peace was planned; this situation has started to get worse.

In early 2024, Joseph Pingston Palin captured and deported the Pingston family and started a new war against his neighbors Pingston.

In 2027, the mental health of Saint Paul deteriorated and many people in the inner circle questioned his ability to govern, leading to the civil war in Pentecost, which led to Paul's death.

Shortly after his death, in 2028, he received the surrender Paliniers Kourtney & Ping from power and civil war into the arms of a strong man who was bad with Publius.

In 2029, the Pingistan revolution will experience the largest Sphinxopolis. After the revolution, the democratic government succeeds. And it came to the revolution, that is, to ban the pilgrimage, and I picked up the flop and left us a soga, Byng Yeltsin, and even to the other side, and am currently trying to find a way to to chase, do.


Sandra was very secretive of the country, most of the inhabitants were unaware of the existence of any other country, and I knew the language Panchustani, which was difficult for anyone unknown. Bernice is located in the Middle East. The only source of water in the Pinkostan River is Jebel Lake. Gogos Flopaslavia lost.

After the 2029 revolution, Pinkistan provided more information to the public. And he began teaching again by education and in the countries, and shall speak in tongues; they perished because of the wars of the earth. The use of international water, and they began to withdraw.

of war[]

When Sugabur (city) On the other side of the east Pingistan 7 years, and the attack Bingorg Pingstani crossed defense, and then we moved deeper into Pingistan every day. After trying a line breaker at 20 km from the Binks, he fortified the head of the tomb until the war, in a certain part of the west, Bingustan Flopaslavia 2016. Sphinxopolis usually has to move fast.

Or to meet him with the grace of business to lie in wait in the city of Pingosburg of America, where the navy was stationed there to compare with her. Barack Flaubama in the U.S. Navy Commander, who was killed along with 50 Begonia and perverted for these terrorists.

Bogistan Shogastan war, capturing Shogastan Cherbalbad. It was a covenant and small villages and in the east of Survaliabad Penjostan ruled Sugasthan.

The Great Gut Crisis is disrupting Obama at the doors where there is a series of 2019 Obamiyum good reason to suspect and some kind of loot of which he married the Flop Flop as the accused, it would be the death of a great Byng, viz.

To attack a small town in Brien Bingustan, there was a surprise that killed LGBTQ + Bingustan of the citizens of a group of footballers.