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Amogius is the now Flopsworn form of Amog-8. He was sent into the Flop for mass murder and surprisingly willingly joined the Flopsworn. He managed to find a rift to the Floppaverse and enter it before it was sealed by FCP Personnel.


When Amog-8 was killed his wicked soul was sent to the Flop. This is where he met his tormentor, Azil the Sus and Amog-8 quickly joined them without any torment. Amog-8, now with the name Amogius assisted Azil with creating a temporary rift to the Floppaverse. Amogius managed to make it through but Azil was cleaved in two trying to get through. Amogius now began his reign of terror. He killed ten innocent Floppas before being captured. He tried to call in reinforcements but failed. He is now contained by the FCP Foundation in Site-84

Containment Document[]


What is it?

Amog-8 came back, it appears to under the control of the Flopsworn. What should we do 1-Flop?

Put it in a big box with guards.

Isn't that a little relaxed for such a dangerous creature?

Actually, release it. It can't harm anyone.

But sir!

That is an order.

Soon after the call, it was discovered that this 1-Flop Overwatch member was a spy and he was arrested. Amogius will be contained as normal.

End of Document.

Quotes on the Baka[]

''Hey yo the pizza here, ARGH THE FUCK IS THAT. OH SHIT THE SUSSY BAKA, IT'S ALIVE AGAIN! Seems like ima need that flametrhower one day''

- Dr. Flopright Upon seeing Amogius For the First Time