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Anyone should be able to use this, do note that all timelines here are take place in a alternate universe unless the mods say so. Timelines should be briefly described, for a more ample description please create a hub and link it under your entry here.

Flepbiner Timeline[]

The Flepbiner Timeline was created when Flepbiners were invented. In this timeline the Flepbiner gained sentience and killed everything. They became the dominant form of lifeform.

Flogga Timeline[]

The only photo of Flogga

Timeline where the Cult of foo merged Sogga and Big Floppa creating the ultimate being that quickly taken over the world.

Truth Timeline[]

Unlike what our unbound reality says, Floppa was simply a caracal. Not a rapper. Not a cult leader. Just a caracal. Obviously, this one is non-canon just because of how illogical and stupid it is. He lives in moscow, eats cat food and drink basic water, while his iq is lower than room temperature in celcius.

Floppa has to exist.



On Dogelore wiki, it says that Bingus is actually raised in egypt selling bread, and he didn’t own a single republic and just was living near Cairo like everyone does, not the Flop analog of egypt, just, basic egypt.

Bobba's Escape[]

On 18th March 2021 Bobba escaped and now hiding in Bingustan, he had a deal with the cursed ones and now they serve him a hideout. He also started doing nefarious misdeeds.

Vandalized Timeline[]

In this timeline the world is destroyed by anarchists, no one stops them and so they are allowed to ravage the world until nothing is left to destroy. Only few groups of floppas left and they start new civilizations. They started primitive live, but then, raised again. The world was captured by some demonic creatures. They hunted it down, and survived year-by-years.

This timeline's hub can be found here: Category:VW timeline

The Floppium Test Experiment[]

In this time line a secretive Caracal scientist sets out on creating a new type of Floppium, but he ended up creating a new type of Fanter and then he ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇. Upon which was ▇▇▇▇▇ and then the ▇▇▇▇▇ was at risk.

End of the Flopplanet (The Prophecy Timeline)[]

In the Holy Flop Book, it is described that in the near future, after an idiot is elected to be a leader of a country, bad things will happen. The EOTF happened in 2025 in this timeline, where Earth/Flopplanet is completely destroyed by itself...

The True Timeline[]

The year is 2074 Googie never did his life of crime. Bingus dies from Ebola. Big Floppa never was assassinated by Bobba. The world is perfect.


In 2034 Sog Team 6 In An Attempt To Take Amog - 8 Has it breaching containment. Amog-8 Reproduces and slowly kills the whole world with billions of copies.....

Alternate Great Floppa War (TL-548849206)[]

In this timeline, the Flopman Empire and their allies win the Great Floppa War, annexing Great Sogtain and Flopce, as well as Flopbia-Hungary and Flopitaly, uniting all of Europe under an Imperial Flopman Flag

F.A.S.O.K Momento Timeline[]

F.A.S.O.K Leader flapandreou the senior never dies leaving the Republic Of Freece forever prosperous and uniting fyprus while removing former junta officials.

The New Order of Nature[]

In this timeline, Floppazilla is successful in wiping out the entire planet to heal it.

Bougar Timeline[]

Instead of Floppus being god in Floppism, it's Bougar which is Floppus' long lost brother.

Amogalypse Scenario[]

Amog Statim Finis, the strongest of amogs, conquered the world. It is not contained by the FCP Foundation.

Death of Flopright Timeline[]

Dr. Flopright, instead of being immortal, died after dealing with Amog-8.

Planet-X Timeline[]

After Amog-9's failure to stop Amog-X, Amog-X injected itself into the world, making the entire planet basically Amog-X.

Hell on Earth Timeline[]

Barack Flobama is immortal and ruled the world, making it Hell on Earth.

Revenant's World Timeline[]

The FRE is successful in conquering the world.

God Floppa Timeline[]

Instead of being just a mainstream rapper, Big Floppa is a god that rules the world in peace and prosperity. Big Floppa controls every flow of life and death, the most powerful being in the universe.

Satan Floppa Timeline[]

Instead of being just a mainstream rapper, Big Floppa is a demon that rules the world in death and destruction. Every living creature bow before Big Floppa, as the god of chaos and evil.

WAR timeline[]

Instead a mainstream rapper, Big Floppa is a very powerful war general leading the floppa army. Their most common enemy they are found fighting is the sogga union which is made up of mostly sussy bussys who are lead by sogga.

Flopdyceps Fungus outbreak[]

In 2013, Fungi from South America bread plantations escaped to USA. The survivors formed out to factions. Someone joined the floppaflies, someone joined the hunters, someone was on their own. The world is now in complete chaos. Endure and survive.

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Floppa Empire Timeline[]

Instead of the regular outcome of Samson Jr., the husband of millionare druglord Sammy Soinga, he wins his role of senator of California. Sammy Soinga also does not die in this timeline. Over the years, Samson climbs the ranks, and when the time came he ran for president. He won, and instantly shifted his nation towards a anti-Bingus society. He massacred all binguses in the UFA, and bombed Bingustan. This was only the beginning, though as Samson starts invading Flopxico and Sogada at the same time, annexing them and creating the FEA (Floppa Empire of America). This causes World War 3, which lasts 8 years before the remaining nations surrendering, and the FEA annexes all of Floppearth, creating the Floppearth Empire, the F.E. It becomes a toltaritalian state, wiping out 99.56% of all binguses on the planet. After Samson dies, Sammy Soinga takes the throne, but is assasinated by an unknown iduvidual just 3 months of ruling. The F.E quickly collapses as nobody is there to take the throne, and the world transforms into a wasteland of ruins, anarchy and chaos. A small faction gains control of a nuclear storage site and uses it, covering the world with radiation and killing every living thing. Floppearth becomes a lifelss radioactive planet of ruins.

Floppa and Bingus and Sogga are friends[]

Floppa and Bingus and Sogga are friends, they play with the ball at high school recess, they walk up to a war sign up stand, to go for a really dangerous war, 5 years later they get their guns and helmets, sogga gets shot first as soon as his helmet is on, bingus uses the sniper rifle, it is too late bingus gets shot by googas on the other side as floppa panics and sees 2 of his only friends left, floppa gets stabbed by zabloing, the others won since most of them died on the floppa team, the only one standing is plinka, he had bandages the whole time, also planning to be friends with the following 3.

Universe-101921 (Void Bingus Universe)[]

The universe inwhich the Void Bingus experiments took place.