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63rd Street is the name of a giant maze of roads with so much crime it would put the combined crime rates of Detroit and Chicago to shame. 63rd Streets location is unknown because the United Flops of America suppresses the location of 63rd Street in hopes the crime rate will fall. It is also where the UFA lost most of its soldiers during the Invasion of Detroit.

63rd Street was founded by Pope Flopiface XI in 1899 wanting to make the perfect floppa utopia after discovering the meaning of life, which was to be extremely confused and disoriented by insane layouts of the street, buildings, etc. In 1946 after Floppa War II the crime rate shot up to 1800% and never came back down due the creation of the blood floppa and crip floppa gangs. These gangs have been fighting each other in the streets of 63rd street by throwing bullets at each other so hard it looked like they had been shot with a gun.

Robert robby floppa lived at floppa hotel in 63rd street for 3 years after coming back from Floppa War II

The legend of Afrt on Mice originated here.

It is where Big Floppa was shot while driving in his car.